Washington State Bookstores Tour: Riverwalk Books

There is a lovely town a few hours away from Seattle that is a home to a beautiful lake, mountains and wine country. 

This is Chelan, Washington. 

2014-01-04 13

There is also an amazing bookstore known as Riverwalk Books.

2014-01-04 13 X

The space is warm and welcoming.

2014-01-04 13 XX

The upstairs children’s section is like a bookcase entryway into adventure!

2014-01-04 13XXXX

Not to mention the little accents that only independent bookstores have. 

2014-01-04 13XXX

2014-01-04 14XXXXX

2014-01-04 13XXXXXX

I’m jealous that my own hometown doesn’t have such a wonderful space for books. Granted, I am close to a major city, so there are plenty of indie’s around. Still, the owner is kind and helpful. I picked up Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, prepping for opportunity to get her entire series signed since she’s local to Washington. 

I look forward to more adventures browsing Riverwalk Books! 




Book Signing Adventures: Amy Tan

It was a dream come true. 


I had bought my copy of The Joy Luck Club from one of the secondhand bookshops outside of my tube station for £1. I had always wanted to read the story: It had steamed from the fact that in my AP English class during my senior year of high school, one of my best friends said that Tan’s book was what he had read over the summer from our reading list. All the girls including my teacher within the room burst into laughter at him. He had stated it was the only book he could find. I never understood why it was so funny. I had meant to read it because of that memory. 


Instead I had Tan sign it, making it one valuable read. 

I brought Mum along. I thought she would enjoy meeting Tan and having her own very first signed book. 


Tan was adorable. She browsed the shelves of Elliot Bay before one of the other happily excited patrons exclaimed, “Hi Amy!” She turned and looked at us, a formed queue, all holding tightly her books. 

“Oh, you really are here!” She said with a smile. 


Due to Mum and I driving across the bridge to get into Seattle (this means going around due to a toll bridge and trying to forgo motorway construction), we made sure we left super early and snagged the first in line spot! The bookstore thought I was mental, but I was thrilled. I had never been first before and it was fantastic to snag some time with Tan. Elliot Bay Books also had their original picture from when Amy had first paid a visit to the bookstore. 25 years ago! (Her hair was super long!) We also met another lovely woman who spelled her name exactly like Mum does. The brilliant people you meet at book signings! (now if only I could just find a boyfriend at one…)


She was so lovely, kind and intelligent. She even took a picture with Mum and I. 


Her outfit was gorgeous. Her style is just like her writing. Talented. 

To have the opportunity to meet Tan, a true icon of women writers. There are no words to explain what an amazing moment this was. I’m so glad we ventured out to do so, and I thank Amy Tan and Elliot Bay Bookstore for making this fantastic book signing event a possibility. 

Take Part – Star Wars Reading Day II!

starwars image

Could my local library be any more awesome?? Sorry to everyone that is Pacific Northwest only. 

Here’s all the info:

“Star Wars© Reads Day is officially October 5, but we wanted to celebrate reading and a certain galaxy far, far away longer. Come for special events at our libraries, including an opportunity to have your photo taken with Star Wars© characters, a show with Charlie Williams (The Noiseguy) and Lego© building stations with Bricks 4 Kidz. All events are free! Join costumed members of Alpha Base, a chapter of the Rebel Legion and Garrison Titan of the 501st Legion for photos during the first hour of each event. Please bring your own camera. Lego 4 Kidz will have Lego© stations for building your own creations. During the second hour, Charlie Williams, The Noiseguy, presents a storytelling parody of the Star Wars© movies with special props and toys. See (and hear) reenactments of classic scenes. You will even learn to make some cool sounds to tell your own stories. 
Please bring non-perishable food donations for our support of local food banks. 
Alpha Base is a chapter of the Rebel Legion and Garrison Titan of the 501st Legion are volunteer members of world-wide Star Wars © costuming clubs and help others through charity work and community service.”

Where they’ll be at:

Bellevue Library
Saturday, September 21

Snoqualmie Library
Saturday, September 21
Held at the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, 35018 SE Ridge Street, Snoqualmie.

Algona-Pacific Library
Saturday, October 5
Held at Pacific-Algona Community Center,
305 Milwaukee Avenue, Pacific

Newport Way Library
Saturday, October 5
2:30– 4:30pm
Sammamish Library
Saturday, October 19

Bothell Library
Saturday, October 19
Free tickets for the Charlie Williams show at 3:30pm will be distributed at the Information Desk, while supplies last, beginning Saturday, October 12.

What’s your local library up to? You never know what’s awaiting you at the library!


Take Part: Seattle Book Summit, Timberland Library Tour and Kat Richardson book signing

A couple of events happening around Washington State this week and the next coming weeks!

This week:

Marissa Meyer, author the Lunar Chronicles series, is doing a six library book signing tour around Western Washington. 

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 10.27.20

*Covers are from Goodreads

Her schedule is as follows:

July 25, 12:00 p.m.: Ocean Park Timberland Library
July 25, 6:00 p.m.: Aberdeen Timberland Library

July 26, 2:00 p.m.: Winlock Timberland Library
July 26, 7:00 p.m.: Olympia Timberland Library

July 27, 11:00 a.m.: Centralia Timberland Library
July 27, 3:00 p.m.: Shelton Timberland Library

I wish I could go but I’m unable to travel the distance at the moment. I’m hoping to catch Meyer in a couple of months when her third book, Cress, is published. 


August 1st:

PR for People is fronting the 3rd annual Seattle Book Summit event at Seattle’s downtown Central Library branch. 

Book Summit

*Photo is courtesy of PR for People.

Tickets range from $35-$75 and yours truly will be volunteering at the event!


Lastly, one of my absolutely favorite authors, Kat Richardson will be doing two book signings whilst promoting her latest published work, Possession, the eighth book from her outstanding Greywalker series. Richardson is a local Seattle writer and I personally can’t wait to meet her in person!

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 10.52.42

*Photo is courtesy of, cover is from Goodreads

The info:

1st signing:

August 6th at the Seattle location University Bookstore from 7pm. No tickets required, just have a copy of the freshly published Possession, or buy it before the signing. 

2nd signing:

Richardson is being an absolute star and popping over to the Seattle Mystery Bookstore for an hour ONLY on August 10th at 12pm to 1pm SHARP. She’ll be at another event beforehand but has graciously offered to sign books during her lunch hour. No tickets required, just have the latest book and she’s happy to sign it for you!

That’s all for now! If there are any events you know of and want me to write about, I’m happy to promote all things literary!

Until next time,



Washington State Bookshop Tour: Inklings

Last month I was lucky to go on an adventure. 

Washington State is littered with wine country. Just because Seattle is our city hub, people can’t expect that is the whole of our state. No, most of it is just forests, water and mountains. 

Forests filled with grapes!

Anyways, I traveled with a dear friend to Yakima, WA. A town that is known for its wine and other brewing. We went for the grapes, antiques and specifically a bookstore called Inklings.

Inklings Bookshop

I obviously had to visit the bookstore as I’ve been to the original meeting place of the true ‘Inklings’ literary group at The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, England.

Inklings Eagle and Child

Inklings memo

Swoon, I know. Totally worth visiting. I had a pint and a burger whilst reading Harry Potter.

Inklings have established themselves as a brand and the design work is outstanding for a local, independent bookshop.

Inklings outside

Inklings logo

One of the coolest logos for a bookshop I have seen in a while!

Inklings large space

The space is large and filled with different sections that cater to community needs. They also welcome special orders from customers, so this is the place to get what you want and support the continuation of bookstores! The displays took advantage of well beloved books and the Young Adult section made me drool with envy!

Inklings Pen display

Inklings display 2

Inklings YA

Comfy chairs are placed in the center, the perfect place to stop and sort through all the goodies that are available in the shop.

Inklings comfy chair

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Inklings is the mantra of supporting local and continuing the love of reading.

Inklings Eat Sleep Read

Inklings quote

With an endless amount of choice and a welcome atmosphere, Inklings is a fantastic bookshop. My purchase selection included the newly published Joyland by Stephen King from my June Purchases. Constantly involved in their community, this bookstore forms a hub for readers, educators, and literary fiends alike.

Inklings opening display

The locals of Yakima are truly fortunate to have such a standout bookseller in their mists!

Many thanks to the staff of Inklings for allowing me to take photos and write about their wonderful bookstore. I received no compensation and chose to write about this business independently and honestly. If you wish to visit here’s all the info:

Inklings Bookshop

5629 Summitview Avenue

Yakima, WA 98908


Mon-Sat: 9-8 • Sun: 12-6