Washington State Bookstores Tour: Riverwalk Books

There is a lovely town a few hours away from Seattle that is a home to a beautiful lake, mountains and wine country. 

This is Chelan, Washington. 

2014-01-04 13

There is also an amazing bookstore known as Riverwalk Books.

2014-01-04 13 X

The space is warm and welcoming.

2014-01-04 13 XX

The upstairs children’s section is like a bookcase entryway into adventure!

2014-01-04 13XXXX

Not to mention the little accents that only independent bookstores have. 

2014-01-04 13XXX

2014-01-04 14XXXXX

2014-01-04 13XXXXXX

I’m jealous that my own hometown doesn’t have such a wonderful space for books. Granted, I am close to a major city, so there are plenty of indie’s around. Still, the owner is kind and helpful. I picked up Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, prepping for opportunity to get her entire series signed since she’s local to Washington. 

I look forward to more adventures browsing Riverwalk Books! 




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