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Book Signing Adventures: Amy Tan

It was a dream come true. 


I had bought my copy of The Joy Luck Club from one of the secondhand bookshops outside of my tube station for £1. I had always wanted to read the story: It had steamed from the fact that in my AP English class during my senior year of high school, one of my best friends said that Tan’s book was what he had read over the summer from our reading list. All the girls including my teacher within the room burst into laughter at him. He had stated it was the only book he could find. I never understood why it was so funny. I had meant to read it because of that memory. 


Instead I had Tan sign it, making it one valuable read. 

I brought Mum along. I thought she would enjoy meeting Tan and having her own very first signed book. 


Tan was adorable. She browsed the shelves of Elliot Bay before one of the other happily excited patrons exclaimed, “Hi Amy!” She turned and looked at us, a formed queue, all holding tightly her books. 

“Oh, you really are here!” She said with a smile. 


Due to Mum and I driving across the bridge to get into Seattle (this means going around due to a toll bridge and trying to forgo motorway construction), we made sure we left super early and snagged the first in line spot! The bookstore thought I was mental, but I was thrilled. I had never been first before and it was fantastic to snag some time with Tan. Elliot Bay Books also had their original picture from when Amy had first paid a visit to the bookstore. 25 years ago! (Her hair was super long!) We also met another lovely woman who spelled her name exactly like Mum does. The brilliant people you meet at book signings! (now if only I could just find a boyfriend at one…)


She was so lovely, kind and intelligent. She even took a picture with Mum and I. 


Her outfit was gorgeous. Her style is just like her writing. Talented. 

To have the opportunity to meet Tan, a true icon of women writers. There are no words to explain what an amazing moment this was. I’m so glad we ventured out to do so, and I thank Amy Tan and Elliot Bay Bookstore for making this fantastic book signing event a possibility.