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Book Signing Adventures: Gillian Flynn

At the beginning of the year I was very fortunate to represent the company I worked for at the time, at the Seattle Arts & Lectures 2013/2014 Literary Arts Series with Gillian Flynn. *squeal*

GF 1

Flynn has skyrocketed up the book charts with her latest book, Gone Girl.

GF 2

I had read Flynn’s debut, Sharp Objects, back when I graduated from undergrad. I was thrilled to make the connection that one of the first books I read after completing my English degree, was also done by the latest hot author of GG.

Because the company I worked for had been a sponsor of the event, I was lucky enough to go to a meet and greet with Flynn before the lecture started! I went right up to her and thanked her so much for coming to Seattle and how much of an impact her first book had on me. Seriously, it was amazing.

Then it was time for the event to start. Flynn was a fantastic speaker, even though she was sick and very pregnant.

GF 3

Then one of our local writers, Maria Semple joined Flynn on stage and they did a little Q & A. (They’re friends – so cool!)

GF 5

I learned about Flynn’s writing style, how she felt about Ben Affleck being cast in the upcoming film version of GG (he was the only I saw for Nick…) and although she’s always smiling, she’s thinking dark thoughts most of the time. Really sorry my pictures are blurry, I’m still getting used to taking photos on my phone.

Then came the signing. I couldn’t let an opportunity like this sneak away. I bought a copy of Sharp Objects for myself and had the copy of GG signed for a work function. The original SO I read had been from the library – which is also how I found out about her debut – YAY Seattle Public Library!

GF 4

Flynn is an adorable and sweet person – so very different from her writing! It’s inspiring to know that a beautiful and successful woman such as Flynn can made a career writing – no matter how harsh, vulgar or grotesque the subject matter! I highly recommend all three of her books. They’re fabulous mysteries that will keep you reaching for the next page! Even if mystery isn’t your thing, still give her books a whirl. But be forewarned – they’re not for the squeamish.



Take Part: Seattle Bloggers Unite Event

The idea started out as an avenue to connect with other bloggers in Seattle, and start trying to network. I mean, with a beautiful event such as printing your own notecards and chatting with out bloggers, who wouldn’t want to join in the fun?


Seattle Bloggers Unite is an amazing group of people that hosts meet-ups and events such as the Letterpress one above for bloggers around the city. I’d heard really nice things about them, and I was excited to go to my first event!


It was held by the brilliant friend duo at Farewell Paperie, based in the Georgetown neighbourhood of Seattle. For me it was only a 20 minute bus ride. On a Friday too! Ok, so this is some seriously cool stationary. Check them out and buy to your heart’s desire because their color palate is spot on and their content knows no bounds. They also have a hundred year old printing press name Bill:


They also have a pretty lady press named Helga, but my photo turned out too blurry. Anyway, after having super fancy sponsored food and drink – it was time to get pressing! I volunteered to go first and boy it was a work out! They had already printed out our phrases in stencils and ready to go. I pumped the pedal as one of the owners, Jen, managed the wheel, making sure I didn’t pump too fast. I then filtered the paper into the press and ta-da! My pretty little cards were stamped and gorgeous! 


Everyone there got to print their own set of 25 cards, and this was not an easy feat! In the meantime we cut paper and glued it into the inside of envelopes (they let us pick whatever colors we wanted!). Crafting, printing and pretty colors all over the place! 


All the other ladies there were intelligent, kind and so knowledgeable about what they wrote about! I was really impressed with the range of subjects. Sadly, I had to leave early. A friend’s birthday celebration was also that night and I had two bus journeys to get back to my car. Then I received the best part about these Seattle Bloggers Unite events: The Goodie Bag!


*Drools* Did I really get a free copy of Molly Moon’s ice cream recipe book? Yes, I think I did! I also got a fancy bracelet, beautiful cards, an art pad, Francs chocolates (!), a stunning tea towel, a temporary tattoo of a camera, a can of Dry Soda (this stuff is so good!), some pens and a container folder too! After such a lovely evening, I’m sold on Seattle Bloggers Unite and I hope to go more events in the future. I’m pretty bummed I can’t go to the next one – a visit to the headquarters of! 

I miss my life in London everyday, but on a day like this, I’m extremely proud to live in a city that has brilliant opportunities available for a blogger like me. If you’re also in Seattle – give Seattle Bloggers Unite a chance! It’s a great way to meet new people who blog too!

Take Part: Quarterly

I saw this interesting company, Quarterly, on Tumblr a few weeks ago. They operate as a subscription service with ‘curators’. Some of them are celebrities – Nina Garcia, Bill Nye and Pharrell Williams, you get the picture. I noticed Book Riot was participating as a curator, but I wasn’t sure if the subscription was either monthly or every three months. Quarterly emailed me why I hadn’t completed my subscription and I gave them some feedback and I got a $10 voucher for a future subscription!

So then I waited. I scouted. I wanted to make sure I used my voucher on something good. 

You see, you don’t know what the curator sends – it’s a surprise! 

I went with Riot Read – Book Riot’s monthly book club.

It’s so pretty!


Remember, it’s a secret book that gets sent out – and my jaw dropped when I ripped open the parcel. 


Seriously? Did I just get Rainbow Rowell’s brand spanking new Landline

I did! Riot Read also sent me a lovely little letter and I can’t wait to get started on the book! I am pleased with my first subscription from Quarterly, but I’m not really interested in something that’s monthly. I’ve cancelled my Riot Read subscription and I decided to upgrade to Book Riot’s every three months subscription. I’ll get a book and some goodies! I basically wanted more. 

I’m just in time too, as Book Riot’s next parcel will be shipping next month – I’ll let you know what I get! Has anyone else tried Quarterly? How have you found their service and what curator did you subscribe too?