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Washington State Bookshop Tour: Inklings

Last month I was lucky to go on an adventure. 

Washington State is littered with wine country. Just because Seattle is our city hub, people can’t expect that is the whole of our state. No, most of it is just forests, water and mountains. 

Forests filled with grapes!

Anyways, I traveled with a dear friend to Yakima, WA. A town that is known for its wine and other brewing. We went for the grapes, antiques and specifically a bookstore called Inklings.

Inklings Bookshop

I obviously had to visit the bookstore as I’ve been to the original meeting place of the true ‘Inklings’ literary group at The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, England.

Inklings Eagle and Child

Inklings memo

Swoon, I know. Totally worth visiting. I had a pint and a burger whilst reading Harry Potter.

Inklings have established themselves as a brand and the design work is outstanding for a local, independent bookshop.

Inklings outside

Inklings logo

One of the coolest logos for a bookshop I have seen in a while!

Inklings large space

The space is large and filled with different sections that cater to community needs. They also welcome special orders from customers, so this is the place to get what you want and support the continuation of bookstores! The displays took advantage of well beloved books and the Young Adult section made me drool with envy!

Inklings Pen display

Inklings display 2

Inklings YA

Comfy chairs are placed in the center, the perfect place to stop and sort through all the goodies that are available in the shop.

Inklings comfy chair

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Inklings is the mantra of supporting local and continuing the love of reading.

Inklings Eat Sleep Read

Inklings quote

With an endless amount of choice and a welcome atmosphere, Inklings is a fantastic bookshop. My purchase selection included the newly published Joyland by Stephen King from my June Purchases. Constantly involved in their community, this bookstore forms a hub for readers, educators, and literary fiends alike.

Inklings opening display

The locals of Yakima are truly fortunate to have such a standout bookseller in their mists!

Many thanks to the staff of Inklings for allowing me to take photos and write about their wonderful bookstore. I received no compensation and chose to write about this business independently and honestly. If you wish to visit here’s all the info:

Inklings Bookshop

5629 Summitview Avenue

Yakima, WA 98908



Mon-Sat: 9-8 • Sun: 12-6


Seattle Bookstores: Half Price Books

One of the major disappointments upon moving home is that my treasured Borders Bookstore in Downtown Redmond has gone out of business. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s Borders, but the branch that ranged across two levels in a huge space that was heaven for book lovers always seemed to have staying power. 

Now there is no actual bookstore in all of Redmond. None. Zip. Zero. In a town full of fast food chains and Starbucks, I am horrified that there is no bookstore to chase away a few hours. 

A friend of mine in London is documenting London Bookstores, and as I’m now back in Seattle I thought it would be fun to do the same for my area. 

Although Redmond doesn’t have any new bookstores, what is still available are multiple locations of a great used bookstore called Half Price Books


One of my favourite locations is in Crossroads Mall as it’s next to my two favourite craft stores Jo-ann’s and Michael’s. Blissful locations that even has a library branch tucked inside. 


Half Price Books is great because the books are gently used at great prices. They also sell second movies, magazine, comics, manga and classic vinyl.



Some bits are new, but as they also give cash for used items, the majority of their stock is second hand. I love how their children’s section is called ‘Half pint’:


I had a good nose and was impressed by how much variety there was for this location. It’s also been a relief that Half Price Books is still around, a girl has got to find her book fix somewhere! 


Half Price Books has locations around the US. The charm of a second hand bookstore means each location is going to vary in what’s available. Like buried treasure, each Half Price Books is unique to its own as well as selling online. You’ll never know what you’ll find!


I hope to discover more books, new as well as used around the Seattle area. I hope you enjoy the new segment I’m adding to my blog and let me know what you think or what you want more of! 

Many thanks to Half Price Books of Crossroads, Redmond. 



POD by Stephen Wallenfels

Josh is fifteen, lives in the small town of Prosser, Washington State with his dad, mom and elderly dog. He’s got a girlfriend, friends and it’s normal for his mom to be out of town on business. A big black sphere appearing above his neighbor’s house that shoots a beam that makes anyone it comes in contact with disappear is not normal. Alone with his dad and dog, Josh’s sixteenth birthday passes without notice as food runs out, electricity shuts off, and water becomes a limited resource. His house is a prison and the guards outside show no signs of leaving.

Megs is twelve, stuck in a parking lot of a Los Angels, California. Left waiting in the car as her mother ventures out for a ‘job interview’ Megs witnesses mass chaos of people fleeing their cars only to disappear by a beam of light as they try to escape outside. Her mother won’t be returning. As Megs makes her home among the dead and abandoned cars she hides from the ruthless male leaders that have taken over the adjoining hotel. Resourceful and cunning, Megs learns that there are others that need her help. The world may be ending but her humanity hasn’t given up.

I read POD in a single day. Spread out over a couple of hours I couldn’t put the book down. The alternating chapters between the characters really kept me interested. Coming from Washington State myself it was a joy to learn about smaller towns that I didn’t know existed. Simple and thrilling Wallenfels knows how to get readers to keep reading. I’d rate this book for older teen readers, because there is some sadness and unfair events that take place. Wallenfels doesn’t skimp on showing the cruelty that humanity endures and creates.

The only problems I had was honestly with the language, as I read a UK edition it came off not genuine that characters from my State said ‘pavement’ ‘boot’ and ‘car park’. It’s a little thing but it causes the prose to come off fake. This is a book written with settings in the USA, we don’t say those words and that’s why I couldn’t give the book five stars. There are also a few aspects that are a bit cliché, reminiscent of World of the Worlds and even The Walking Dead when concerning men who think they deserve all the power. Regardless, the strength of Megs is astounding and even though Josh is a bit of a wiry teen he shows growth that made me glad I picked up the book in the first place. I wish Wallenfels would write another book about what happens after the end of this one. No one ever writes about the aftermath.