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A Grain of Salt

I’ve been following the Duggar’s since their 16 Children and Moving In premiered back when I was in college. Astounded by this family that had 16 kids, all with their name starting with the letter J, how could you not want to keep up with them instead of the Kardashians?

I rented their first book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting! and read it in a day. There is something fascinating about a family that runs their life so unlike your own. Religion itself is an interesting subject for myself. I wasn’t raised with a direction of religion within my family, but had been placed n a Lutheran primary (elementary) school growing up. I’ve never recovered from it.

What I took from my young school years was the knowledge and understanding of the christian faith. Now the Duggar’s, to those that don’t know, are actually Christian themselves. The strand of Christianity they practice is the Quiverfull movement. As with most religions, they should be taken with a grain of salt. The Duggar’s are known for having a load of kids, making the older kids in the family raise the younger children, obviously not using contraception and for being extremely conservative (they also believe in creationism).

I…have some support for the Duggar’s. Regardless of the negative things people love to exploit them for because they don’t understand their family dynamic, I am impressed with the love they have for each other. They love each and everyone one of their children and want them to succeed. It’s a rarity nuclear family lack.

Having children is a spectacular thing, but 19 of them? That is something not every family would be able to face. (the Duggar’s also are known for living debt free) I think along with most of the general population that having that many children is way out of line for me. However, the Duggar’s are not me, and I am certainly not the Duggar’s. I am not one to pass judgement on their lifestyle. I try to learn the positives from them, minus the religion.

Recently Michelle Duggar experienced a miscarriage. That kind of event is private and personal. The Duggar’s, being as public as they are, are ridiculed for their chosen way to mourn the loss of their unborn baby. Whenever I bring up the Duggar’s, it’s to make fun of them, but to expose a different kind of thinking to those unaware. No matter how wrong or strange you think they are, a miscarriage is a horrible thing.

They are a unique family, and if the video hasn’t brought that out (seriously? The people of the world CANNOT fit in Jacksonville), I encourage you to take the good aspects their family presents, love, respect for each, and helping those in need. But always with a grain of salt.

Next week I promise there will be more photos.