About Ashley

My name is Ashley, a Seattlite turned Londoner who has returned after four amazing years. My life has been thrown in a blender. I am still recovering through books the tragedies that have that shaped 2013. 

I moved to London for five weeks for a study abroad program in 2006. The experience opened up my world, and it took three years to move back. Words cannot express the difficulty of having to start life over again after four years in a foreign country, but I’m a pirate and can do most things.

I’ve spent around nine years in childcare. Beginning at a daycare, then as a summer camp counsellor, on to an after school programme teacher and as a nanny for three years. I love books, especially Young Adult fiction. This blog is to review the latest (and sometimes not so latest) YA, Middle Grade and New Adult novels, along with any events in the publishing industry and my literary musings Monday’s. Because reading is what makes the world go round.

Disclaimer: All reviews are based from my Goodreads account. I also post to Amazon UK and USA and Barnes and Noble if requested. All opinions are my own and whilst this site is meant to focus on YA novels, the occasional fiction piece might slip in. The reviews are categorised by the ‘Review’ category. There’s also an Index where the reviews are alphabetised by author.

Please note that the books I review are either supplied from friends, the library, publishing houses or Net Galley.

Many thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!

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8 thoughts on “About Ashley

  1. Our family spent 3 years in the UK compliments of the USAF. Thoroughly loved it! We have promised to ourselves we’ll return for an extended holiday in the future. Doubt we’ll become expats though! (P.S. we live beside the Hood Canal, not far from your old home.)

  2. Sounds like an interesting blog! I also had the good fortune to live for an extended period of time in London. I studied English Literature at King’s College for the 2011 – 2012 school year. I’ve only just recently come back to the US and am living back in my native California. You’re really lucky to be living there! Who knows…maybe someday, I’ll attempt to live there again. In any case, good luck with your endeavors!

    • Thank you! Your degree sounds amazing! I did a BA in English Literature in the US and I really miss the reading! I’m a bit more jealous of your weather though. =) If you’re ever back in town I’m always up for discussing books over a pint!

  3. I was on Capitol Hill and worked at UW for 5 years before heading off to travel – falling in love – and ending up married and living in the Stuttgart area. A shout out to another Pacific NW’erner! —Jadi

  4. Thanks for liking my post, Alesha. I also spent many years living abroad. The return home is always the hardest because you’ve changed while the place hasn’t much. Cheerio!

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