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Book Review: MIla 2.0 by Debra Driza

mila 2.0

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Mila was just trying to settle in to her new life in rural Montana. Living with her overly protective mother, the new caretaker of horse ranch, fitting in at the local high school was a challenge.

Especially after discovering she wasn’t just a normal seventeen-year-old girl. Oh no, Mila is actually a robot. She’s not the first either, but version 2.0.

In a span of hours Mila and her mother are thrust from their calm existence to on the run from her creators, the government. What starts as a normal get together with a girlfriend bursts forth with a new sight on truly who and what she is. As secrets tumble, Mila is going to have to choose which she is more of, human or machine if she and mother are going to escape for a future of freedom.

So how do I feel about this book? I did like it but…Long, just way, way too long. The Matched series can get away with 500 pages, but for this premise I felt like it dragged. The focus is primarily on Mila, which as a character is interesting. The story is slow in the beginning, the reader is almost tricked into thinking it’s a clichéd YA book. Then BAM – the story hits sixty and it’s running, running, running and more running until the explosive end.

I wish I could have liked the story more but the length wavered my attention. However, I think it has great potential for a movie or TV series. It just has that feel when you’re reading the story. The author has done a great job of describing the picture and placing the reader right there to witness all the excitement and danger.

Mila 2.0 is great if one wants a break from the soppy, unrealistic romance, but they shouldn’t be afraid to devote time.

The amazing publisher, in exchange for an honest review, provided this book. Many thanks to the publisher and author Debra Driza for letting me review Mila 2.0! I am curious as to what is coming next!

Mila 2.0 was Freshly Publishing in March 2013 – so get your copy now and tell me what you think!

Book Review: Evermore by Alyson Noel

Evermore cover

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Ever Bloom used to be the popular cheerleader. Tall, blonde and living the spoiled life in Oregon, looking good was her main responsibility. That is until her entire family died in a car crash. Ever survived, but can now read people’s thoughts and see the colour of the auras. Human touch creates thoughts and feelings that make life unbearable. Living with her Aunt in California is only the beginning of this new life.

Hiding from the world as much as she tries to hide from herself, Ever is confronted by the hot new guy Damen in school. His mind calms hers and he can make scarlet red tulips appear before her when he wishes. Falling in love is the least of Ever’s interests, but try as she might to ignore him; he always creeps up when she needs him the most. Can she find the strength to accept who she now is? Or will she fade into nothingness to reunite with her family?

For a paranormal romance, Evermore follows most of the traditional YA rules, making this first in a series one that teens and tweens will love to swallow up. I really liked Ever as a character. She’s not oblivious and has a good head on her shoulders. She’s still selfish and native about things, but she’s 16 and that’s to be expected.

Ever has guts and it’s nice to read about a strong female character in a romance YA book. It’s a rarity. Ever doesn’t even want a boyfriend, that’s not a concern of hers and it’s a refreshing thought to see that she understands she doesn’t need a man to consider herself worth something.

There’s a lot more to these books and I can’t wait to see here Noel takes this type of genre.

Book Review: When Cooper Suns Fall by KaSonnda Leigh

Copper Suns Fall Covercopper suns infoChela and her twin brother Micah are not your average siblings. Born from a human father and angel mother tends to complicate things. Especially when your mother’s race has been outlawed for hundreds of years, and should Chela or her brother be discovered for what they are they’ll shot on the spot. Micah is Chela’s other half, but a sickness threatens his life as he lies in a coma.

As Chela tries to do anything she can to get proper medical assistance for Micah, her temper and curiosity lands her in a bit of trouble. Soon she’s fighting for her right to stay in society, but it’s only the beginning. There are others like Chela, that fight just as hard to stay under the radar but also train with their gifts. A prophecy is exposed. A murderous beast haunts Chela’s world. Teenagers continue to be kidnapped, never to be seen again.

Chela is huge piece of this puzzle. As she learns more about her gifts and her mother’s world she’s going to have to make a choice to stand up and claim her place or turn her back on her future, no matter how complicated it may be.

This has been quite a refreshing read. I was really impressed with quality of writing and instantly curious to learn more about this world and the main character. I don’t normally read this kind of genre, there’s a lot going on. It’s a science fiction fantasy that’s kind of like The Hunger Games? There’s a lot of fast paced action and characters.

For those that love this kind of genre this book doesn’t disappoint. Rich with details of this different type of world and society it’s got a little bit of everything. Even romance is on the line but it’s not the main focus. It’s not easy to breeze through, so make sure you’ve got the attention span for it.

This book was provided in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to for the book and the author!

Book Review: Change by Soraya Lane

Change Cover

Change Info

Riley has been shipped off to her distant Gran after the tragic loss of her twin sister Claudia. Out in the middle of nowhere woods, Riley is thrust into the presence of Hunter. He’s big, strong and commanding. Then he tells Riley the stupidest thing she’s ever heard: She’s actually a shape shifting leopard and not just any leopard but the next in line leader as her Grandmother Sophia is the current matriarch. There’s more, Hunter is also her chosen mate. Being seventeen just isn’t what it used to be.

Everyday Riley spends most of her time with Hunter. Learning to shift, communicate as leopards and the best part of all: see her sister Claudia in her new form as a spiritual guider. Yet these lessons aren’t just for fun, there is an enemy that plagues Riley’s new people. She’s got to stay focused in order to figure out if she can step up when the time comes and if Hunter is the only one for her. What happened to silly high school drama?

This is an interesting self-published young adult book. I found the cover intriguing and the premise…slightly interesting. For those that are looking for another hot and heavy supernatural romance, then this is the book for you! There is passion, sparks and a strong physical connection that can’t be denied.

I did enjoy learning about this ‘leopard world’. Is it similar to Twilight, yes it certainly is. I know there are readers out there that are looking for another book that is similar and I believe this would work well for that market. Personally I need a bit more from my Young Adult books. Lane knows what her target audience wants and I do feel she’s delivered the goods. I’m curious about where and how this series will develop but I’m not going to searching it out. 

For more information about the author and about the book, please click the cover photo to be directed to Soraya Lane’s website. 

Slated by Teri Terry

Slated Cover

Slated Info

Kyla Davis is sixteen and has never been kissed, well she doesn’t have any memories of it. She’s been Slated. 2054, in the United Kingdom, it’s the government’s job to stop terrorists. A program has been implemented that wipes their brains of their former life, giving them a clean slate, a second chance at life. If Kyla has been Slated, then does that means she was a terrorist?

Struggling to adjust to this second chance Kyla tries to settle in with her new family, home and school.  Her emotions are kept in check through her Levo – a device on her arm that monitors her feelings. If she’s not happy Kyla runs the risk of getting shocked causing her to blackout. A Slated must be happy in order to fulfil their contract.

Even as Kyla tries to stay Level, her mind is still stuck with memories, which should be impossible. She’s different than the other Slated. By some miracle Kyla can think for herself without compromising her Levo. It’s dangerous for a Slated to talk back and think their own thoughts, but Kyla can’t stop asking questions and the more she asks the deeper she falls into the darkness of this new, Slated world.

I’ve been reading a lot of American YA lately so this was a special treat. I had seen this book on NetGalley but unfortunately was denied my request. It was all right in the end as I was able to get it from the library (WIN). I also have to say that yes, I mainly wanted to read this book because the author’s name is Teri Terry. Don’t judge.

I really loved Terry’s language in this book. She repeats a lot, but it worked in this setting and genre. The way information is delivered is well written and a pleasant surprise. The only cliché bit was the romance but even that was still understated (but not the control government bit). The ending left me asking millions of questions as it took a direction I didn’t expect. I tip my hat to Terry and I look forward to reading more about the Slated world!