Book Review: Change by Soraya Lane

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Riley has been shipped off to her distant Gran after the tragic loss of her twin sister Claudia. Out in the middle of nowhere woods, Riley is thrust into the presence of Hunter. He’s big, strong and commanding. Then he tells Riley the stupidest thing she’s ever heard: She’s actually a shape shifting leopard and not just any leopard but the next in line leader as her Grandmother Sophia is the current matriarch. There’s more, Hunter is also her chosen mate. Being seventeen just isn’t what it used to be.

Everyday Riley spends most of her time with Hunter. Learning to shift, communicate as leopards and the best part of all: see her sister Claudia in her new form as a spiritual guider. Yet these lessons aren’t just for fun, there is an enemy that plagues Riley’s new people. She’s got to stay focused in order to figure out if she can step up when the time comes and if Hunter is the only one for her. What happened to silly high school drama?

This is an interesting self-published young adult book. I found the cover intriguing and the premise…slightly interesting. For those that are looking for another hot and heavy supernatural romance, then this is the book for you! There is passion, sparks and a strong physical connection that can’t be denied.

I did enjoy learning about this ‘leopard world’. Is it similar to Twilight, yes it certainly is. I know there are readers out there that are looking for another book that is similar and I believe this would work well for that market. Personally I need a bit more from my Young Adult books. Lane knows what her target audience wants and I do feel she’s delivered the goods. I’m curious about where and how this series will develop but I’m not going to searching it out. 

For more information about the author and about the book, please click the cover photo to be directed to Soraya Lane’s website. 


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