Book Review: Evermore by Alyson Noel

Evermore cover

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 19.55.19

Ever Bloom used to be the popular cheerleader. Tall, blonde and living the spoiled life in Oregon, looking good was her main responsibility. That is until her entire family died in a car crash. Ever survived, but can now read people’s thoughts and see the colour of the auras. Human touch creates thoughts and feelings that make life unbearable. Living with her Aunt in California is only the beginning of this new life.

Hiding from the world as much as she tries to hide from herself, Ever is confronted by the hot new guy Damen in school. His mind calms hers and he can make scarlet red tulips appear before her when he wishes. Falling in love is the least of Ever’s interests, but try as she might to ignore him; he always creeps up when she needs him the most. Can she find the strength to accept who she now is? Or will she fade into nothingness to reunite with her family?

For a paranormal romance, Evermore follows most of the traditional YA rules, making this first in a series one that teens and tweens will love to swallow up. I really liked Ever as a character. She’s not oblivious and has a good head on her shoulders. She’s still selfish and native about things, but she’s 16 and that’s to be expected.

Ever has guts and it’s nice to read about a strong female character in a romance YA book. It’s a rarity. Ever doesn’t even want a boyfriend, that’s not a concern of hers and it’s a refreshing thought to see that she understands she doesn’t need a man to consider herself worth something.

There’s a lot more to these books and I can’t wait to see here Noel takes this type of genre.


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