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Book Review: Demonic Dora by Claire Chilton

Demon Dora

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Dora is born to heavily religious parents but is unfortunately stuck with quite the personality. Cursed by her love of black and desire to summon a demon from Hell, Dora’s parents attempt to burn her at the stake outside their house.

For once Dora is saved by a successfully summoned Demon Lord. As he whisks her away from her crazy parents and neighbours, Dora has only one choice to follow the demon back where he came from.

But it can be difficult to survive in a world where a fresh soul like Dora’s is the national currency. There’s treachery afoot. Even her demon lord might not be able to save her. Everything comes down to one final battle in the bowels of Hell between whom else? Dora and her demon lord….

The Good: All the interesting bits were about the citizens and structure of Hell. I really loved how Chilton went for the story and took me as a reader on a hilarious ride. Her writing is funny and it’s refreshing to have a book make me laugh out loud. Pooey is definitely my favorite character and I loved how Dora is a strong willed. And she still loves her parents even they try endlessly to kill her!

The Not So Good: For a story that held a lot of promise I’m a bit disappointed with how…rushed everything was. The characters are fun, the personalities of Hell’s occupants are witty, but everything breezes through where I wished the author had lingered. I also wished that the characteristics of Hell had more differences than the modern world. It’s pretty 50/50, and it bugged me that Hell could be so like current day life. There were plenty of other really creative bits, and using something obvious was a bit of a letdown.

I am curious to see where the series goes. It’s different, short and unusual.

I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to the publisher Ragz Books and the author Claire Chilton for allowing me to review the book! Best of luck with the series and I look forward to reading the second book. 


Book Review: Death by Chocolate by Johanna Pitcairn

Death Cover

Death by Cho info

Valentines Day is supposed to be filled with adoration, love and chocolates from a boyfriend. For Julie, she discovers that her boyfriend of three months is cheating on her with blonde haired Melissa. Spoiled, rich and totally dependant on the superficial California lifestyle, Julie makes a rash decision to run away to Vegas. With her checking accounts and credit cards cut off she struggles to feed herself. When a Gypsy comes along promising a warm meal and a free fortune reading, Julie figures to go along since she doesn’t have anything else better to do.

She’s handed a box of normal looking chocolates that taste out of this world. After one bite Julie awakens in a field, with a handsome shirtless man moving toward her shouting ‘Run!’. Thus begins her adventure in a mysterious world where people speak in riddles and Julie is suddenly faced with memories of forgotten best friend Kara. The chocolates are more than just sweets and Julie is going to have to discover the root of her black heart if she’s going to return to her normal life once more.

This was an interesting read! I was looking for something short and this book fit the bill beautifully. It’s extremely fast paced and feels like something I might have studied in one of my literature classes. I loved that it didn’t have the focus of romance but instead slowly gave the reader insight into Julie’s horrible past. My main critic is that there are too many ‘modern day’ references that date the book. Many of the references won’t be relevant in five years time.

For the most part I really enjoyed Julie as a character. She’s not instantly likable and I enjoyed learning why she is the way she’s become. She doesn’t fit the mould of a traditional YA character and it was thrilling to try to figure out what was going on. The ending has left me scratching my head but for good reasons. I don’t think this book is a first of a series and I hope it stays that way. I like a book that leaves me hanging but gives me enough information for my imagination to make educated guesses. If you’re looking for a discussion worthy short book, give Death by Chocolate a shot. You’ll finish it in two hours and will have plenty to talk about!

The wonderful Publisher Curiosity Quills Press provided this book in exchange for an honest review.  Many thanks to them and the author Johanna Pitcairn for giving me just what I was looking for!

Death by Chocolate is out now! Get your copy today and tell me what you think!

Book Review: Change by Soraya Lane

Change Cover

Change Info

Riley has been shipped off to her distant Gran after the tragic loss of her twin sister Claudia. Out in the middle of nowhere woods, Riley is thrust into the presence of Hunter. He’s big, strong and commanding. Then he tells Riley the stupidest thing she’s ever heard: She’s actually a shape shifting leopard and not just any leopard but the next in line leader as her Grandmother Sophia is the current matriarch. There’s more, Hunter is also her chosen mate. Being seventeen just isn’t what it used to be.

Everyday Riley spends most of her time with Hunter. Learning to shift, communicate as leopards and the best part of all: see her sister Claudia in her new form as a spiritual guider. Yet these lessons aren’t just for fun, there is an enemy that plagues Riley’s new people. She’s got to stay focused in order to figure out if she can step up when the time comes and if Hunter is the only one for her. What happened to silly high school drama?

This is an interesting self-published young adult book. I found the cover intriguing and the premise…slightly interesting. For those that are looking for another hot and heavy supernatural romance, then this is the book for you! There is passion, sparks and a strong physical connection that can’t be denied.

I did enjoy learning about this ‘leopard world’. Is it similar to Twilight, yes it certainly is. I know there are readers out there that are looking for another book that is similar and I believe this would work well for that market. Personally I need a bit more from my Young Adult books. Lane knows what her target audience wants and I do feel she’s delivered the goods. I’m curious about where and how this series will develop but I’m not going to searching it out. 

For more information about the author and about the book, please click the cover photo to be directed to Soraya Lane’s website. 

Book Review: The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan

Dark Covers

Dark and Hollow Info

Annah has been waiting over three years for Elias to return to the Dark City. She’s survived alone, taking care of herself but never forgetting about her twin sister Abigail. She’s never forgiven herself for leaving Abigail behind in The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Her twin, her other half, her only family left in this Unconsecrated filled world. When finally Annah decides to leave the Dark City, on that day she sees her again, Abigail.

There’s also a horde of Unconsecrated and they’re coming and they’re unstoppable. Fighting against the dead Annah is saved by Catcher and taken to an island. It’s the only safe place left in the world. Reunited with Abigail – now Gabry, along with Elias, Annah is faced by the overwhelming notion of being trapped on the only space left not taken over by the dead. Her sister and Elias are now strangers, and Catcher is a force not to tempt despite mutual feelings growing between them. In a world where the dead don’t stay that way, how can Annah see the light in living?

I have to be honest; I wasn’t a fan from the first half. It is so much grimmer than the other two books. There is almost no hope left in this world. The fear is frightening. To imagine being stuck on an island that is a façade of safety. Where being a woman is more dangerous when it should be a blessing.

However, as I progressed through the book and pushed through the blah romance (I’m a bit over it, it’s just too…easy I guess.) I saw the bigger picture. I saw how much stronger of a character Annah is than her sister Gabry from the previous book. She’s an excellent role model. She’s brave and fights for what’s right and stands by her morals no matter what others say. She never stops going, moving, trying to survive and at the end of this series that’s the best lesson we can learn from what Ryan has written.

This series is not for those that are easily scared or hate romance. There’s so much more to these stories of characters interconnected through love and loss. I wanted to be scared by these books because I hate zombies and Ryan is brilliant at always making sure I never forgot that they will keep on hungering. For a series that will keep you turning pages wondering how everything will end, this series will keep you up at night.