Slated by Teri Terry

Slated Cover

Slated Info

Kyla Davis is sixteen and has never been kissed, well she doesn’t have any memories of it. She’s been Slated. 2054, in the United Kingdom, it’s the government’s job to stop terrorists. A program has been implemented that wipes their brains of their former life, giving them a clean slate, a second chance at life. If Kyla has been Slated, then does that means she was a terrorist?

Struggling to adjust to this second chance Kyla tries to settle in with her new family, home and school.  Her emotions are kept in check through her Levo – a device on her arm that monitors her feelings. If she’s not happy Kyla runs the risk of getting shocked causing her to blackout. A Slated must be happy in order to fulfil their contract.

Even as Kyla tries to stay Level, her mind is still stuck with memories, which should be impossible. She’s different than the other Slated. By some miracle Kyla can think for herself without compromising her Levo. It’s dangerous for a Slated to talk back and think their own thoughts, but Kyla can’t stop asking questions and the more she asks the deeper she falls into the darkness of this new, Slated world.

I’ve been reading a lot of American YA lately so this was a special treat. I had seen this book on NetGalley but unfortunately was denied my request. It was all right in the end as I was able to get it from the library (WIN). I also have to say that yes, I mainly wanted to read this book because the author’s name is Teri Terry. Don’t judge.

I really loved Terry’s language in this book. She repeats a lot, but it worked in this setting and genre. The way information is delivered is well written and a pleasant surprise. The only cliché bit was the romance but even that was still understated (but not the control government bit). The ending left me asking millions of questions as it took a direction I didn’t expect. I tip my hat to Terry and I look forward to reading more about the Slated world!


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