Seattle Bookstores: Half Price Books

One of the major disappointments upon moving home is that my treasured Borders Bookstore in Downtown Redmond has gone out of business. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s Borders, but the branch that ranged across two levels in a huge space that was heaven for book lovers always seemed to have staying power. 

Now there is no actual bookstore in all of Redmond. None. Zip. Zero. In a town full of fast food chains and Starbucks, I am horrified that there is no bookstore to chase away a few hours. 

A friend of mine in London is documenting London Bookstores, and as I’m now back in Seattle I thought it would be fun to do the same for my area. 

Although Redmond doesn’t have any new bookstores, what is still available are multiple locations of a great used bookstore called Half Price Books


One of my favourite locations is in Crossroads Mall as it’s next to my two favourite craft stores Jo-ann’s and Michael’s. Blissful locations that even has a library branch tucked inside. 


Half Price Books is great because the books are gently used at great prices. They also sell second movies, magazine, comics, manga and classic vinyl.



Some bits are new, but as they also give cash for used items, the majority of their stock is second hand. I love how their children’s section is called ‘Half pint’:


I had a good nose and was impressed by how much variety there was for this location. It’s also been a relief that Half Price Books is still around, a girl has got to find her book fix somewhere! 


Half Price Books has locations around the US. The charm of a second hand bookstore means each location is going to vary in what’s available. Like buried treasure, each Half Price Books is unique to its own as well as selling online. You’ll never know what you’ll find!


I hope to discover more books, new as well as used around the Seattle area. I hope you enjoy the new segment I’m adding to my blog and let me know what you think or what you want more of! 

Many thanks to Half Price Books of Crossroads, Redmond. 




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