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Deep in the Garden

GardenCaptureWoodland Park Zoo. Seattle, WA. 2013.


Literary Inspired Item: Literary Tea from Bag Ladies Tea

There are two beverages that will always be interlinked with reading or writing. One is alcohol and the other is tea.

This month I want to direct attention to Bag Ladies Tea – lovely novel inspired tea.


Who doesn’t love a good cuppa that’s surrounded by beautiful words from the talent Jane Austen and C. S. Lewis? Brewed with intellect in mind this range of teas are just want any reader or writer wants on a cold winter morning. True it’s supposed to be Spring but here in London we’ve had snow flurries dancing even at the end of February.


Unfortunately I don’t think believe Bag Ladies Tea ship to the UK. They currently only cover the US, Australia and Canada. But one can hope and dream they will ship to England in the future. For the time being I can always purchase some for when I make my annual trip home. It’s good to plan ahead!

Novel teas

I love this idea of enjoying a favourite drinks mixed with another’s passion. Oh yes, why I’d love another cup please.

Hemingway Quote

Photos are from Bag Ladies Tea website. 

Day 30 – 30 Day Book Challenge

It’s not fair asking someone who loves to read what his or her favourite book is. It’s impossible to choose. I picked C. S. Lewis because this book taught me to dream for the impossible. I see doors differently now. It made me wish for something else, to believe in the imaginary. It’s timeless. Narnia will always be timeless. You can never get there by the same path twice, and I’m still looking for my way in.

WOW! 30 days gone and 30 books discussed! I hope you enjoyed by journey through this year’s 30 Day Book Challenge. May I inspire you to do your own. Hooray for reading!