Literary Item Spotlight: Literary Match Books by Out Of Print

There’s just something about lighting a match. The flick of the hand. The sense of danger as it alights. The smell of fire. 



Out of Print, a literary company, has now brought beautiful and fun to lighting candles, fireplaces and hobs. 


Literary match book sets! Stunning and functional! *Please note, all photos are courtesy of Out Of Print


At $8 for five banned book titles – who can say no to a must have for every home? They tell why they were banned on the back! Useful, educational and pretty! Love! Love! Love!

An excellent stocking stuffer too! *hint *hint


Literary Item Spotlight – FloraLilly Hand Painted China

Do you know what I want for Christmas? 

Full Plate

FloraLilly hand painted china!  

*Please note all photos are courtesy and property of FloraLilly

Plate 1

Beautifully handcrafted with care, the lovely ladies of FloraLilly in Gloucester, England will write in black script whatever you wish on china mugs, bowls, plates, tea plates and sugar bowls!

Side Plate 2

Have your favorite passages of a book on one set. Or use poetry, song verses, or even your own writing! 

Cup bottom

FloraLilly fires the china, making it hand washable, and best of all they ship internationally!

Side Plate 2

Each item is £11.79, around $16-17 roughly, plus shipping and handling.

Side Plate

Stunning, understated and brilliant, what a lovely way to surround yourself with words throughout the day!

Literary Item Spotlight: Library Candles from

Candles can sometimes be a girl’s best friend, but put them together with the luscious smell of a library? Match made in heaven I say! – also known as the place for ‘The Most Sophisticated Books in the World’ has a range of candles inspired by the best teacher – The Library. 

*All photos are courtesy of 

The scents range from Books, Leather, Wood, Culture Lounge and Havana.


Each candle is $49.00, is 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5″ and weighs 6.8oz. A quote is etched on the glass container. 

set of four candles

It’s also possible to buy four candles at once for a steal of $79.00. 

Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 21.51.45

I know the prices are a bit much for a candle, but you might spend the same amount for a truly beautiful book right? Exquisite and elegant these candles are high class and I wish I had the option of smell and sniff on the blog, because I bet the aroma is the big selling aspect for these candles!

Literary Item Spotlight – Watchful Eyes Bookmarks

Bookmarks are great. They’re perfect as gifts or little trinkets of remembered travels. This month my literary item spotlight goes to Bliss in a Teacup’s through EtsyWatchful Eyes Bookmark Series – Women Author’s bookmarks. 

bookmark 1

Made out of repurposed scraps of wood, the pieces are bonded together, sealed and printed with pictures and the names of female authors. They also do a range of other pictures, but new this month are the batch of women writers and it’s about time they get some recognition! 

bookmark 2

Useful, educating and beautifully done, these bookmarks are handy, earth friendly and the perfect thing to adorn your book!

boomark 3

The creators behind the bookmarks are based in New Zealand, but the prices for the bookmarks are still very reasonable. 

I think one of the best things about this company their items is that they’re open to printing custom-made women authors. Just send a request and they’re willing to work with authors they don’t already have prints for. I don’t think there’s anything they could do to make their products better! Everything is pretty stand out. 

bookmark 4

Remember they do offer loads of other prints on bookmarks and they come in varying shades of wood. Special requests can be made – outstanding customer service!

Which do you prefer? Dogging earring the pages of a book or using real bookmark or just scraps of paper you have lying around? I myself vary between using real bookmarks when I can find them, but I also use any piece of paper when push comes to shove. 

All photos are courtesy of Bliss in a Teacup.


Literary Inspired Spotlight – Go Away I’m Reading Book Covers

People never enjoy being judged by the cover of the book one’s reading. 

Well there’s good news! The very talented Sarah Enni has created -FOR FREE a range of amazing book covers that you can print out and dress up your books with!!

Go away I'm reading

The colours are beautiful.

Fiction reality

The words are true. 


All photos are courtesy of Sarah Enni, and for directions on where to download the book covers and make them fit your book please visit her website. Many thanks Sarah for such a brilliant idea that has been executed fantastically!

Go forth and read. No judgement shall come with the aid of these book covers!


Literary Inspired Item: Litographs!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a website used by people to promote funding for any kind of starter project. Litographs is such a project and a fabulous one that is well deserved! 

What is Litographs? In short – it’s a start up company that creates posters and T-shirts composed of a literary design that are made entirely out of the words of the book itself! Take for instance this new design of ‘The Great Gatsby‘:

gatbsy print

The text is fully legible and the poster prints come in two sizes. Can’t you just picture one in your dinning room?

print size

The T-shirts are just as legible although due to the seams some bits are blurred as it is rightly sew (haha). Still, I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to pay homage to an amazing book! How cool is the shirt of Peter Pan?

Peter Pan Shirt front

Peter Pan Back

Want to know more about this amazing company? Here’s their ‘About’ info:

“Books as Art

Litographs are prints that are created from the text of classic books. For most titles we are able to print the entire book on our 24×36″ paper. We offer designs in both color and black & white, and in two sizes.

In all cases, the text is sharp and fully legible. You can see the actual size of the text by viewing any of our designs and clicking on the boxes in the main image.

Our Mission

Litographs is committed to promoting literacy, both at home and abroad.

We’re proud to partner with the International Book Bank to send one new, high-quality book to a community in need for each poster we sell.

The Team

My name is Danny Fein, and I founded Litographs because I love books. I can’t imagine growing up without them, and want to do everything I can to make sure that students and communities around the world have access to literature and learning materials.

Litographs are a labor of love, and a product I’m absolutely proud to offer. They have proved to be more than just decoration on my walls. They are conversation starters and windows into my beliefs, and add character to my home.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at with any questions, suggestions, or thoughts.”

Beautiful designs, an amazing message and helping spread books around the world? Plus they ship internationally! What is not to love about this? Nothing! I praise Danny for his brilliant passion for books and ability to share this love with other book lovers around the globe. 

I can’t wait to get my own print but which one to buy is the only problem….

Until next time. Many thanks to PrettyBooks for posting this on Tumblr!

Ashleyisee xx

*All photos are from the Litograph website