Literary Item Spotlight – FloraLilly Hand Painted China

Do you know what I want for Christmas? 

Full Plate

FloraLilly hand painted china!  

*Please note all photos are courtesy and property of FloraLilly

Plate 1

Beautifully handcrafted with care, the lovely ladies of FloraLilly in Gloucester, England will write in black script whatever you wish on china mugs, bowls, plates, tea plates and sugar bowls!

Side Plate 2

Have your favorite passages of a book on one set. Or use poetry, song verses, or even your own writing! 

Cup bottom

FloraLilly fires the china, making it hand washable, and best of all they ship internationally!

Side Plate 2

Each item is £11.79, around $16-17 roughly, plus shipping and handling.

Side Plate

Stunning, understated and brilliant, what a lovely way to surround yourself with words throughout the day!


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