Literary Item Spotlight – Watchful Eyes Bookmarks

Bookmarks are great. They’re perfect as gifts or little trinkets of remembered travels. This month my literary item spotlight goes to Bliss in a Teacup’s through EtsyWatchful Eyes Bookmark Series – Women Author’s bookmarks. 

bookmark 1

Made out of repurposed scraps of wood, the pieces are bonded together, sealed and printed with pictures and the names of female authors. They also do a range of other pictures, but new this month are the batch of women writers and it’s about time they get some recognition! 

bookmark 2

Useful, educating and beautifully done, these bookmarks are handy, earth friendly and the perfect thing to adorn your book!

boomark 3

The creators behind the bookmarks are based in New Zealand, but the prices for the bookmarks are still very reasonable. 

I think one of the best things about this company their items is that they’re open to printing custom-made women authors. Just send a request and they’re willing to work with authors they don’t already have prints for. I don’t think there’s anything they could do to make their products better! Everything is pretty stand out. 

bookmark 4

Remember they do offer loads of other prints on bookmarks and they come in varying shades of wood. Special requests can be made – outstanding customer service!

Which do you prefer? Dogging earring the pages of a book or using real bookmark or just scraps of paper you have lying around? I myself vary between using real bookmarks when I can find them, but I also use any piece of paper when push comes to shove. 

All photos are courtesy of Bliss in a Teacup.



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