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Book Review: The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

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Angelina (Angie)’s life is instantly changed on Prom night. Her best friend Lizzie is caught sleeping with her boyfriend. Pretty and popular cheerleader Angie – the victim of the biggest scandal at Verity High School. The ultimate betrayal between girlfriends is the only the beginning. After the weekend fun and drama, four little letters appear in black permanent marker on Lizzie’s locker – SLUT. Unable to bring herself to speak to Lizzie, Angie fades into the background as a spectator to witness as this word grows all over her locker. It continues to spread to her backpack, notebooks and etched like wallpaper onto her car.

The fascination was supposed to fade, but Lizzie kills herself leaving only behind her diary for Angie to sort through. The word SUICIDE appears in Lizzie’s handwriting above SLUT. Angie becomes obsessed with discovering who has written these words, the catalyst to her best friend’s death. The truth can be more painful than reality and Angie must live with her choices. In the matters of the heart in high school there is more than just what everyone sees.

The S-Word is brutal, but so brilliant in it’s depiction of modern High School drama. Angie is essentially the popular girl that everyone loves to hate, but through her story readers grow to learn about the insecure girl that rose to be a Princess Bee. She’s real with flaws and passion. Angie’s voice is amazing. She’s harsh and cruel and I loved everything she said. It’s hard to explain unless you give this book a read.

Although this novel deals with sensitive topics, it’s so honest that’ll you’ll be hooked from the first chapter. I loved that this wasn’t about romance and that this also isn’t a series. It’s a breathe of controversial air that will have you reliving those painful high school days but will also be able to shed some light as to why people act the way they do. Everyone has secrets. The S-Word is a brilliant set of words. Well written and realistic to a fault this is a stand out for the Young Adult genre.

This book was provided by the publisher Simon and Schuster from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to the author Chelsea Pitcher for book! This book will be published May 7th. Buy your copy in advance today!

April Reads

As this is the month of my birth and my reluctant return to my hometown, there are going to be a LOT of books to be read this month! This is just a taster of what I had hoped to read whilst living in London, but this is only the beginning!


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Happy reading everyone!



Vintage YA – The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank

This is a no brainer. The beautiful crafting of words by the dear Anne Frank is something that everyone should read once in their life. Raw, emotional and up close, Anne doesn’t leave anything out as she confines her thoughts to ‘Kitty’ on growing up in hiding from the Nazi’s during the 1940’s.

Young Adult writers would do best to learn from one of the greatest teenage writers in the world. Her talent within the craft of writing outshines many adult authors. Her story had a bit of everything, mystery; romance, growing up angst and goals.

However, Frank’s story isn’t fiction. Its honesty proves that teens are not alone in how and what they feel. Throughout time the emotions are roughly similar. (granted, this is a big rough)

Frank had such promise. Her diary was only the beginning but the world will always be wondering what else she would have created if given the chance she deserved. 

Book Review: Gates of Paradise By Melissa de la Cruz

Gates Cover

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Please note this is the seventh book in the Blue Bloods series. If you haven’t read any of the books you may not want to read this review.

This is the epic conclusion for the half blood Schuyler Van Allen. Left with only a clue as to how to save the world of the Blue Bloods. Oliver and Schuyler must again travel the world in search of answers. Jack and Mimi, traitors to their kind must mask their true intentions from the Lord of the Underworld. Whilst Bliss, now one with the hounds of Hell must claim her birthright and fix the broken fissure of time.

Three different paths that will all lead to the finale battle for the survival of their kind. Who will end up on what side? Schuyler is destined to lead her people back to Paradise, but she’ll have to make a sacrifice to do so. Filled with questions will she be able to find the answers before Lucifer re-enters the Gates of Paradise?

I was thrilled that my library had a copy of this freshly published book! Oh joy! Such rapture! I’m a very empathetic person and although I was excited to sink my teeth (hehe) into this finale, I was also so sad to lose such a comfort of an engaging series. I’ve been following since it began in 2004 and it’s been hard to keep the facts straight as the books have been published every few years. One of the things I loved about this series is that it’s intelligent and smart, delving into ancient history and roman mythology. This book is no different and I am so impressed with Cruz’s ability to blend historical fiction into the modern age.

I gave the book four stars because although I was happy that Cruz took care of the cat (writer’s term), I do feel as if everything happened a bit too neatly. However, this is a personal taste and I believe that how Cruz ended her loved filled destiny series is perfect for her loyal fans that have been pouring over her books for the past nine years.  The send off is just what it needed and because of this I would love to own the entire series and reread it when the mood strikes me. I’m very sad the journey is over, but praise Cruz for a job well done. I’ve been there since the beginning and you’ve never disappointed.