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Vintage YA – The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank

This is a no brainer. The beautiful crafting of words by the dear Anne Frank is something that everyone should read once in their life. Raw, emotional and up close, Anne doesn’t leave anything out as she confines her thoughts to ‘Kitty’ on growing up in hiding from the Nazi’s during the 1940’s.

Young Adult writers would do best to learn from one of the greatest teenage writers in the world. Her talent within the craft of writing outshines many adult authors. Her story had a bit of everything, mystery; romance, growing up angst and goals.

However, Frank’s story isn’t fiction. Its honesty proves that teens are not alone in how and what they feel. Throughout time the emotions are roughly similar. (granted, this is a big rough)

Frank had such promise. Her diary was only the beginning but the world will always be wondering what else she would have created if given the chance she deserved.