Take Part: The Carnaby Book Exchange


A few weeks ago I found a post on Tumblr discussing the amazing free book swap ‘The Carnaby Book Exchange‘ based in Kingly Court just off of Carnaby Street in Central London. I’d been meaning to go but recent events staggered my venture until a friend came into town and we happened to be walking by. 


We found it no problem (it’s on the first floor next to ‘Everything British’ which is just as delightful) and I took as many pictures as possible. 


There’ s a big notebook where you write down what book you’ve left and what your taking away in exchange. I had a good nose around and of course wasn’t too impressed (but not surprised) that Twilight of course was available. 


I left The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern for a lucky passerby, and took Evermore by Alyson Noel in exchange. There is a large range of different books available and I recommend anyone and everyone who is in the area to participate in the exchange! It’s such a neat idea and I hope it stays around for as long as possible. 


Until next time

Ashleyisee xx


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