Book Review: Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

Teeth cover 1

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 18.20.50

Rudy is 16, lives with his parents and terminally ill five-year-old brother Dylan. He needs a lung transplant. Their parents learned of an isolated island that grows a miracle fish. It doesn’t spoil, it doesn’t smell and whoever eats it magically becomes well over time.

There are other things that live in the water, and secrets about the people that reside on the island. When Rudy rescues Teeth from a fisherman he embarks on a journey of discovery about human nature and the ethics of power.  Alone on this freezing piece of Earth, Rudy must choose between family and what’s right.

What a fantastic read! Although parents – be forewarned there is a lot of swearing in this book. The language aside, this book was interesting, different and held my attention the likes I haven’t come across in a few weeks. Full of inner conflict this book will hook you into debating what you would choose to do in Rudy’s situation.

Can I also say that one of the characters is male and gay? Absolutely fantastic to get some diversity in the genre! You’ll feel the cold wind blow and smell the salty air.  Give Rudy’s story a chance and open your heart to Teeth. Everyone deserves to explain their own point of view. 


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