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Book Review: Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

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Rudy is 16, lives with his parents and terminally ill five-year-old brother Dylan. He needs a lung transplant. Their parents learned of an isolated island that grows a miracle fish. It doesn’t spoil, it doesn’t smell and whoever eats it magically becomes well over time.

There are other things that live in the water, and secrets about the people that reside on the island. When Rudy rescues Teeth from a fisherman he embarks on a journey of discovery about human nature and the ethics of power.  Alone on this freezing piece of Earth, Rudy must choose between family and what’s right.

What a fantastic read! Although parents – be forewarned there is a lot of swearing in this book. The language aside, this book was interesting, different and held my attention the likes I haven’t come across in a few weeks. Full of inner conflict this book will hook you into debating what you would choose to do in Rudy’s situation.

Can I also say that one of the characters is male and gay? Absolutely fantastic to get some diversity in the genre! You’ll feel the cold wind blow and smell the salty air.  Give Rudy’s story a chance and open your heart to Teeth. Everyone deserves to explain their own point of view. 


Day 14 – 30 Day Book Challenge

It’s about my city (Seattle) and a hot, smart, young female private investigator, but there’s just one thing – she died for a few minutes and now can access apart of a different world known as The Grey. Who doesn’t love a story that they can read where it took place? Spooky and thrilling the first book paves the way for new world to be discovered and it just so happens that there’s a hub for the supernatural in Washington State…

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Orphaned Karou lives in two different worlds. A seventeen-year-old art student in Prague with vibrant blue hair and endless talent in our world, and teeth gatherer to the chimera Brimstone in Elsewhere. Two lives under one identity that Karou struggles to place. Connected by magical doorways between here and there, her life is full of secrets.

But a force unknown to Karou is marking the doors, and as she tries to protect her other life, she’s suddenly cut off. Stuck in one world and unable to return to the magical family that has raised her, she tries to find a way back to Elsewhere. Along the way Karou discovers that the power behind the breaking of the pathways is more serious than she guessed. Unable to place herself in either atmosphere, she’ll have to decide where she truly wants to be.

All I can say is that Taylor knows what she is doing. For a proper crossover novel that counts as YA and adult fiction, look no further! A truly refreshing read, this first in the series will leave you aching for more as soon as you hit the final page. (Good thing there’s an excerpt from the upcoming second book!) Can I also say that I loved that this book was set in Prague? Generally the YA fiction I’ve reviewed this year has been set in either the USA or the UK and it’s such a pleasant change to be immersed in a different setting.

There’s a lot to this book and I don’t want to give away any spoilers. It’s got everything for a sink into your teeth kind of read: romance, supernatural creatures, a bit of magic and wonder. Taylor masters the ability to keep the reader guessing with the questions surrounding Karou. I can’t wait to read what happens in the second book.

Hodder & Stoughton provided this book for an honest review. Many thanks to the marketing and publicity team!