Jane Austen Scarves by Brookish

February’s Literary Item Spotlight is brought to you by the fantastic guest blogger Flaneur in the City! Please take the time to check out her amazing and intelligent blog filled with original opinions on ‘Reading between the lines of pavement cracks and pop culture.

The scarf is the from the talented Brookish on Etsy. They do more than just scarves but everything is inspired by memorable quotes in literature!

Side chair scarf

“It’s a long scarf, my favorite kind, since I can wear it in different ways with different outfits. I wore to the grocery store yesterday, doubling it over and wrapping it “turtleneck” style over a long sweater, paired with leggings and boots. I tied it so the ends intertwined and the Mr. Darcy quote became a swirling pattern beneath my neck. Tomorrow I’m meeting a fellow writer for dinner and I can’t wait to show it off. Literature and fashion, unite!


The quote, of course, is simply romantic. What girl wouldn’t melt if such words of love were spoken? Oh, Mr. Darcy! As a writer, I can only hope (and dream and pray!) to one day capture such romance on the page.

Chair Scarf

I am truly, truly blessed to have you as a friend and every time I wear this scarf I think of you.”

Many thanks to Flaneur in the City for the lovely post! I’m just as lucky to have such a talented friend! Many thanks to Brookish for your amazing projects and handiwork!


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