Prized by Caragh O’Brien

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Gaia Stone has escaped the Enclave with her newborn baby sister Maya. Out into the wasteland she ventured, but with little food, water and baby formula, they’re doomed to die if they don’t find help soon. Days pass and just when death looms near, a hero on a horse rescue Gaia and takes her and Maya to Sylum.

Sylum is a community where the women are in charge. Something is happening to all the newborn babies, they’re always male. Females are in high demand and marriages are a battle. Kissing is outlawed and when Gaia joins the people of Sylum she doesn’t understand why everyone isn’t equal. Sylum isn’t better than the Enclave, it’s almost worse.

Gaia is determined to figure out the mystery of Sylum, but her heart is distracted. As a new female she gathers the attention of every eligible male. When a familiar face returns Gaia must look inside her heart and trust what she feels if she, Maya and the people of Sylum have any chance of continuing their existence.

I loved the first book in this series, Birthmarked. I was looking for something that would grab my attention like The Hunger Games and Birthmarked filled all that criteria. However, once I leaped into Prized, I found myself disappointed. It started off great, and finally here is a scenario where women have all the power and treat men like they have treated us for thousands of years! Power to women! What a fantastic choice to move the story I originally thought.

Instead I found myself being embarrassed to keep reading. The women in power were just as bad as stereotypical male lead characters and it was a huge disappointment. What had the potential to be a great story line got somehow lost. My disappointment grew as the lack of originality progressed. I still want to read the last instalment in the series. The ending at least in Prized wasn’t a disappointment and I’m happy O’Brien captured my attention. I’m excited to see how things end for Gaia in Promised.  


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