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March 2013 Purchases

Of course I shouldn’t be buying things, but of course I can’t help myself. To be fair one of the books I bought for a friend, so that makes this personal goal still count right?

This month I bought:

March purchases

The Totally Essential Travel Collection of ‘Where’s Wally?’ – Mainly I bought this as in America ‘Wally’ is known as ‘Waldo’ and I’ve always wanted a ‘Wally’ printed version!

Butter by Erin Lange I bought for my friend Alli – she’s currently undertaking her PhD in psychology and has spent the past year working with eating disorder patients. I thought she’d find this book particularly interesting. 

This month I supported the Liverpool Street Station WH Smith bookstore. Things have been in a bit of a rush and it was the best I could do. I enjoyed the bright yellow theme this month though. May everyone have a happy Easter/Passover!