Book Signing Adventures: Neil Gaiman

Oh how fortune throws a good hand every so often. 

Neil Gaiman is on his very last book signing tour. Why? Because it’s now getting to the point that there are so many people that all he ends up doing is signing for hours and hours and hours. He stated that in San Fran (I believe) He was signing until 3am! (I’m sorry, but authors shouldn’t have sign for that long!)

When I first saw the tour dates, it stated that Seattle was sold out – BOOO! BUT, by a lucky rare chance I caught a last minute wave of final tickets! I was seriously considering driving four hours away to Vancouver, BC because they still had tickets available. 

Anyways! I was super excited, I mean this was an evening with Neil Gaiman! Hosted through the University Bookstore as a part of the 2013 Clarion West Writers Workshop readings at Seattle Town Hall. I was one lucky girl to be a part of a huge crowd entertained by Gaiman. 

First he did a reading from his latest book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Neil reading

He then did a short Q & A with some questions such as, “Christian Bale or Adam West? Which is your favourite batman?”, “What’s one thing you’d like your readers to know?” Gaiman’s answer: “I’d like my readers to know how to read.”

The favourite question of the evening was, “Will Neil ever do a spread for Playgirl?” Gaiman’s answer, “I’m 52!”. 

Another good one, “If you were a God, what kind of God would you be?”

Gaiman stated he’d be the God of extended deadlines. Very well said!

After the Q & A Gaiman did another reading of a short story inspired from one of his earlier works, and it was just delightful! 

Then, the signing began. 

Full House

Sigh. Gaiman is SUCH a trooper. I had gotten to the event just as it was scheduled to start, meaning I missed out on snagging a prime seat. Instead I was in the group of last 50 people to get items signed. 

Long Queue

There was a long queue. 

Once you made it to the lobby though, there was a last chance to buy any of Gaiman’s books from the beautiful display. 

Neil's Books

There was also the Seattle Town Hall poem to read too:

Town Hall Poem

I believe he started signing just before 9pm, by the time I got to meet him it was 12:20pm. 

Neil signing

He is lovely. So kind, sweet and engaging. I was very nervous and tried not to say much because I was tired, which mean he must surely be more tired and he still had a load of more people to sign things for. 

Neil sign 1

I shook his hand, thanked him for a lovely evening and then went on my way. 

Neil sign 2

I had him sign just his name on his new book and personalise my second attempt at buying and reading Neverwhere. He wrote, ‘Ashley, Mind the Gap!’ 

Neil sigs

Oh Neil, if only you know how well I can mind that gap. 

I will treasure them forever. 

Signed books

If you have the chance to meet Neil, DO IT, opportunities like this are rare and take advantage! Gaiman knows how to put on a show and he’s delightful to listen to and learn from. 

THANK YOU Neil for coming to Seattle! Thank you so much for doing a last signing tour and giving every fan your time! It’s greatly appreciated and YOU’RE AWESOME! @neilhimself

For those in Seattle, there are four more evenings of science fiction and fantasy from Clarion. Please check out their site and go. They’re on Tuesdays at 7pm. 




6 thoughts on “Book Signing Adventures: Neil Gaiman

  1. I’m jealous. I’ve now watched his commencement speech at the University of the Arts on youtube. So inspiring. Determined to revisit Gaiman, perhaps American Gods or Coraline, might even see if Neverwhere with James MacAvoy is still on Radio4 archives. Did you catch it when it was on?

    What happened to your first attempt at Neverwhere?

    • The Border Agency is what happened to my first attempt at Neverwhere. When you have pack up your life in a manner of hours, I couldn’t bring everything home.

      But now I have a better copy and it will read read eventually. Promise! xx

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