Book Review: The Breeders by Katie French

The Breeders

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This is a world where girls are used to breed for the greater good of the remaining population. That is, except for sixteen –year-old Riley Meemick. Capable of being disguised as a ‘Bender’, or mutation of neither boy nor girl, she lives in constant fear of being taken by the Breeders.

When her Mama is taken to Breed, it’s up to Riley to hide her identity from the handsome Clay and get her back with her younger brother Ethan.

The trouble is, who can one trust? When supplies run low or someone gets sick, how can help be found?

I don’t want to give too much away for this book; it truly is an interesting read.

Must get the nitty-gritty out of the way, this book would be fabulous except for the overwriting. Less is more love, and the execution of the story needs a bit of tweaking.

However, overall, despite the flaws (there were also a few misspelling and improper uses of grammar), I felt that this was a great dystopian story and a fantastic premise. With some work this story could go places.

You feel the despair of the characters, their hunger, their thirst and fear of the unknown.

Then the information on how the Breeders work – truly terrifying.

One of my main downsides to the story is that even when girls are highly sought after – they’re still not treated equally or with respect. It’s frustrating that as the creators of life, the human race still treats them as a commodity even though survival is based on their welfare.

I’m not a fan of the romance bit as it’s too forced and obvious, but I enjoyed reading about how far gone the world has become, it’s dystopian done well. If you are looking for a story to make you feel better about your life, The Breeders will help put things in perspective. 


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