Book Review: Of Silk and Fire by Allie Brennan

Of Silk and Fire Cover

Silk Info

Ella Olsen awakens starved to death and dirty on a moving train car.

She has no memories of how or when she got there.

Something is locked within her mind, a past full of pain.

There is a boy who can read her thoughts.

As Ella struggles to regain her strength and understand this world around her, the more she tried to remember who she is. Her memories were forgotten for a reason, could remembering ruin everything in her present?

This book really isn’t a book; it’s a novella, which Brennan states. However, I felt there was a lot lacking. It was over before it got anywhere and was riddled with clichés.

Nevertheless, there was some promise. Every couple of sentences I would find a glimpse of writing prose that sucked me into the story. I enjoyed the opening of the piece and Ella as a character. The world Brennan created with this short story could have gone places.

If you’re looking for a quick romantic mystery, this is perfect for a bus/train journey. It has enough to hold your attention and it ends before you’re too involved. It’ll make you think (either good or bad). Although I give props for the cover, I am such a sucker for a good cover. Bottom line, this is one of the better self published books I’ve read but I’m still looking for another as good as Angelfall (which has been freshly published in the UK this month!)


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