National Library Day

Today around the UK is National Library Day!

Libraries are being taken for granted and are underappreciated. They’re also beginning to disappear. Before I moved to London I survived on working multiple part time jobs, being a nanny, receptionist and babysitter. I worked all hours and didn’t get health care. The Seattle Public Library was my saving grace and provider of all essential entertainment (other than Netflix). My life was ridiculous but I could do amazing things because of what the library could give me access to.  Today I celebrate the Seattle Public Library by writing a letter to this amazing library that provides some of the best literary service, books and resources all for free.

SPL outside

Dear Seattle Public Library (mainly the Northeast and Northgate branches),

            How do I say that one of the best things about living in Seattle is having access to the your local library branch? For my three years working as a nanny the Northeast Branch had been my Thursday destination as soon as I dropped off one of the wards for piano lessons. There was always a book waiting in the reserve section and a computer to quickly check process of the others. I must also mention that the easy to use website that makes it possible to search for practically ANY book and request it at ANY branch for free is one thing I took for granted before I moved away.

SPL hallway

Your proactive ability to advertise the future purchase of a book before it’s published, allowing for members to request it in advance had given me more opportunity to read different types of books that I never expected. Even better? Your stock of knitting books gave me hope that one day I could knit myself my very own jumper (sweater).

SPL Shelf

Because of your standout service I treated books as an investment. If I liked them then I would purchase. The self-check out also gave me the privacy to check out books without watchful or judgemental eyes. I am so proud that Saturday hours are back and swoon over the new library card designs. I no longer live in Seattle, but I would love a newly designed library card to flaunt around London.

May you always remain standout, not just in architecture, but in service, community and of course books! (duh) Other than friends and family, honestly the one thing that I miss most of all is indeed the Seattle Public Library. Target is a close second.

Your biggest fan,


Please take the time today to visit your local library. Check out a cookbook, a children’s book or the latest bestseller! If you don’t have a library card – WHO ARE YOU?! Get one immediately and start loving your library! These amazing places are disappearing and need your support! 


4 thoughts on “National Library Day

  1. Hi, the downtown branch of the library is a beautiful building, and worth visiting just for the architecture! I lived in Seattle and agree with you that their library services are terrific. Good to hear that they’ve remained that way. Thanks for posting on behalf of libraries. —Jadi

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