Day 16 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Felicity might have been the first American Girl series I read, I can’t remember. I just remember how jealous my nine-year-old self was that Felicity had a pony. It was also fun to learn colonial speak. It made me want to live during that time until I released women didn’t have any rights. Still, Felicity had her own horse and she is so full of a fiery personality that I wanted to be just like her (remember, I was nine). She also had a very close relationship with her grandfather, as did I. They aren’t the same when you read them now, but back in primary (elementary) school, these books were the coolest things ever!


2 thoughts on “Day 16 – 30 Day Book Challenge

  1. Ashley. ASHLEY. I just realized we may have never had a (sober) discussion about American Girl dolls and books. (As if we ran out of things to talk about!) But Felicity! She was my favorite too! She had red hair and a horse and a Christmas dress that I coveted. COVETED. Let’s get our American Girl Dolls out and have a sleepover. And when you come to the East Coast, I’m driving us to Colonial Williamsburg, VA, and we’ll buy penny whistles and make candles and OMG EVERYTHING. (Here: We’ll also pop over to Jamestown and visit Pocahontas.)

    Also also? Have you ever read this?

    Also also also? You’re awesome and I love you.

    • How did we NOT talk about this?? I totally had the Christmas outfit for Felicity and every year I made her wear it! I thought she was the ultimate rebel for wearing ‘breeches’ to ride a horse. =) I love, love you too! And our American adventure already sounds EPIC.

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