Crewel by Gennifer Albin

Since she was eight Adelice Lewys has been trained to fail the biggest test of her life. In Arras, the Spinsters run the world under the force of the Guild: women trained at weaving and spinning the threads of life. Every girl is required to take the testing cycle at the age of sixteen and Adelice who can weave without a loom has slipped during her exam. As she tries to provide her family one more evening of peace together, she’s jarred away from everything she’s ever known and brought the Coventry.

Now a part of the fortress that creates, builds and terminates life. Adelice is torn between fighting against the power of the Guild and discovering more about what’s hidden about her world. As allies crumble and the Guild pushes her to the limit, the thread woven of Arras begins to shatter. Despite the trouble Adelice still falls in love giving the men in charge only more to torment her with. With a talent that’s essential to Arras survival, she faces a fate worse than death unless escape is discovered.

Albin has stumbled upon something that’s so fascinating and creative it’s going to grab you and refuse to let go. The sheer descriptions of this world Arras are simply outstanding. I loved this book. I loved the idea of weaving through life and she’s clearly done a wonderful job researching the subject. I also adored how she was able to change the term ‘Spinster’. These ladies aren’t old and grouchy, rather the opposite. With the invention of restoration patches the Spinsters don’t age and are regarded as beautiful statues.

I really wanted to give this book five stars but I felt that a lot of the terms for the regions and having a male dignitary that’s cruel and unforgiving was a bit too much like The Hunger Games. The same goes for the beauticians and the fact that Adelice has a ‘team’ that prep and make her beautiful. However, this is easily overlooked, as I was more interested in how the weaving world worked. It’s tough to figure out who’s really on Adelice’s side and time is running out for her. I didn’t want to race to the end of the book but as this month is it’s release, I didn’t have time to savour. I didn’t want, I needed to know what happened. With an ending that will make you beg for the next instalment, this YA book is not one to miss!

Get your copy now and tell me what you think!



Many thanks to Faber and Faber for providing this ARC for an honest review! 


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