Olympic Statues Part 2

Over the weekend I was lucky to go adventuring with my friend S at Regent’s Park for more Olympic statues! There were eleven overall on the ‘Green’ route, and Regent’s Park is HUGE. I haven’t had the chance to explore the park and it didn’t rain so it made for a fantastic day. The total count now is 32/84! I’ve got until the 9th of September (yikes!) to find the rest! I wish they could be around for longer, they’ve been enjoyable along the streets of London.

1) Sherlock Wenlock

2) Deckchair Wenlock

3) Rose Garden Mandeville

4) Midsummer Night’s Dream Wenlock

5) Birdy Wenlock

6) Safari Mandeville

7) Victorian Wenlock

8) Animal Wenlock

9) Regency Mandeville

10) Rainbow Mandeville

11) Union Flag Wenlock

It’s hard to be picture perfect when there are others waiting to take pictures with the statue. In the end it was a wonderful day with my friend and totally worth walking around for four hours. I hope I can find the rest!


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