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By Marcus Sedgwick

263 Pages

Published 2011

USA Publisher: Roaring Book Press (Macmillan)

UK Publisher: Indigo (Hachette)

Torn apart,

By blood,

For the future.


Love so true,

To be united,

Seven times.


A sacrifice,

Both sides,

On Blessed.


A unique island,

Holding secrets,

Discovered page by page.


No children,

A dragon flower,

And a wandering hare.


Born before,

Born again,

Born another time.


A story of reincarnation,

True love,

A sacrifice for prosperity.

The poem is my form of a summary for the book. It’s difficult to write an informative review of such a book that needs no explanation. Just read it. Honestly, I didn’t want to like to Marcus Sedgwick’s Midwinterblood. Sedgwick’s been publishing books since 2000, but this is my first.  The beginning section was a bit rough; I found some of the sentence structure distracting. However, once that section was finished, boy does the narrative change and pick up! I found myself being sucked in, and finishing the last 150 pages in one sitting.

Moving back in time with each section the reader is given further clues as to what exactly is occurring during the first. The ability to switch point of views and effective tones is miraculous. With each passing section secrets are discovered, causing the need to finish to see how it ends. The subject of reincarnation is subtle, presenting the reader with an unconventional love story told throughout time.

Sedgwick’s Midwinterblood is an unusually engaging time travelling love story. It presents the idea that true love will always find each other, although not in the traditional sense. Delightfully weird, I’d give Midwinterblood a chance if you have a long train journey, because you’re sure to finish it before you reach your destination.


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