I know, I know, I missed a week. That’s only because I wanted to wait until….

I found him! I found Wally! Go me! Hooray!

Wally is also known as Waldo in America and Canada, (he’ll always be Waldo to me!) in Turkey he’s Ali, Willy in Norway, Walter in Germany and Charlie in France, among other countries. The Where’s Wally Egg has been moved all over London, anywhere from a couple of hours to up to two days at a time in a different place. It was NOT easy to find this guy, even with helpful people posting pics of him on Twitter. I found him at St. Pancreas, very lucky he wasn’t moved when I got there. Could have happened, I don’t like to think about it.

Moving on, the title of the post is from a Friday event two weeks ago. I don’t get a lot of visitors passing through London. Not hard to understand, as I’m over 3,000 kilometres away from everyone I know and love back home. Every once and while, I’ll get lucky and a friend will pass through. I’ll be given a few precious hours of understanding, laughter and entertainment of the world back home.

There’s something about moving away that allows for time to not be a factor in the lives of the people you care about. Nearly nine years have passed since I’ve seen my friend, but it’s as if its been only a day since the last summer we sailed around the Puget Sound at camp in 2002.

She was touring with PUSA, The Presidents of the United States of America.

She asked me if I wanted to be her +1 to the show the night she was in town. Of course I said yes! PUSA are from Seattle, and not only was I given this lovely gift of seeing my beloved friend, but I was thrown into a rock show the likes I haven’t experienced in years. I’ve missed it.

Yes, they definitely played peaches:

I came to the realisation that I’m fantastic at moving through crowds because of my mosh pit teachings during my youth. Ahh the feel of the crowd! The Heat! The sound of screaming love for their music! It was exhilarating. What a great crowd, and the show was fantastic. Unfortunately I had worn improper footwear (ballet flats), because I had been blessed by one of my flatmates. He put my name forward for filling in reception at his office for two days last week. Absolutely fantastic.

After the show I waited for my friend, who was helping sell merch with the lead singer’s wife. When she was finished we headed back stage and I got to actually met them! Just some guys from my hometown. I kept my distance, gave them my congratulations, it was lovely of them to let me hang out. As the night wore on, my feet began to wear out and I headed home as the others pressed onward into the night.

March has been the month for luck. I pray the sun keeps shining.


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