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2013 Reading Goals

A couple of friends of mine are making reading goals for this year. I’m so happy to announce that I have found a job and have also recently applied for my next visa to stay and work in the UK! Do to being a grown up, I now have the opportunity to make actual goals for myself like my friends. A year goes by so quick. When you live abroad it seems time moves even faster. I have goals for my life! I want to accomplish things this year! (I also really, really hope my visa gets approved) 

Anyways, here’s my reading goals for this year!

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1. I know it may sound silly to make buying a book a goal, but I haven’t had a full time job before. London has got some amazing bookstore and frighteningly, bookstores are coming under threat due to Amazon and other online retailers. (Seriously, if you want to buy used books, go to Half.com, a partner of eBay.) Plus I need an excuse to spend time in bookstores and support them!

2. Because sometimes it can be hard to find authors with the letters X and Z. 

3. I start many YA series and then forget to check back when the rest of the books are published, or don’t make the effort to complete them. If they’re good, I want to see how the rest of the books are too!

4. Everyone says it’s amazing and I need to suck it up and give it a go. 

5. Going to meet EL James, of 50 Shades of Grey, was an interesting experience. Many times the events are free and I love the idea of building a library of signed copies!

So those are my reading goals for this year. Do you have any? It’s never too late to start!