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Report: Vogue Knitting Live 2014

This is going to be an exciting year for publishing (traditional and none) events! One of these such events is Vogue Knitting Live 2014! 

VK Mag

I’ve expressed in previous posts that I enjoy knitting and am thrilled to be able to purchase some knitting books finally! VK S

When I got an alert that Voque Knitting Live was in town again – I couldn’t wait to go! 


It’s such an amazing event full of vendors from around the world (and many that were local!).


Some were selling felting kits for amazing creatures.


Others were creating jewellery from repurposed knitting needles! (I bought some – it’s awesome)


One of the main things about Vogue Knitting Live are the opportunities to take some classes and expand your skills! I was happy to just browse the exhibition hall and pour over the beautiful books from Vogue Knitting and their magazines. 

Perhaps one of the best things about the expo was the yarn drop at the end. 


People gather under the hanging yarn and wait….wait…..wait for it to drop! It was pretty intense, but I was able to scout which hank I wanted and I snagged my spot just at the right time. When the scissors went cutting – boom! The hank I wanted fell into my arms. 


Then I quickly jumped out of the way because women were pushing, shoving and diving for still hanging yarn! Quick a sight!

I’m so happy Vogue Knitting came back to Seattle to hold their expo, and I can’t wait for 2015 to roll around! I plan to be more prepared! 

Vogue Knitting Live is travelling around the US! Check to see if it’s heading to your city!


May Purchases

This month I’m proud to say I supported one of my own!


I purchased:

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you by the creator of The Oatmeal – Matthew Inman

Inman is from Seattle – Holla for talented people of my hometown! It’s extremely funny if you’re a cat person and Inman’s illustrations are brilliant! If you’re more of a dog person, Inman has also freshly published My Dog : The Paradox, which is just as hilarious. 

Knitting for Peace by Betty Christansten


A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness because I enjoyed reading it so much last month that I knew I simply must have it for my collection. Find my review here

Did anyone buy any special titles this month?



April 2013 Purchases

Ah how things have changed. No longer do I have the opportunity to stumble upon local bookstores in London. Sadly, my favourite bookstore, an enormous two story Borders based in downtown Redmond is no longer there. Devastating news. As soon as I earned my driver’s license I would spend endless hours at that Borders. Now there is no longer ANY bookstore in Redmond, WA where one can purchase new books. (I’m sorry, grocery stores don’t count). 

Instead Redmond has used bookstores. Some have new titles, but most are gently used. It’s not a terrible thing, it’s a grand idea to reuse titles that might mean more to someone else. I just hate how the world is turning into relaying on the Internet to purchase books when bookstores are struggling. 

My purchases for this month are not YA based and next month for my ‘May reads’ you’ll see why. Instead I have indulged myself with craft books that I have been wanting for a long time. 

knitting books

The knitting book is pure gold, so I’m curious to see how I get on with the crochet book. These two are purchased from Amazon. Glamknits is from a used bookstore in Redmond. It has a fantastic open cardigan pattern. 

Also, special mention:

Although this book was purchased in March, it truly deserves special mention. I purchased this lovely piece of book art from the Victoria and Albert Museum gift shop after experiencing the David Bowie exhibit that’s currently running. 


Seriously, if you’re in London and enjoy David Bowie’s music, GO to this exhibit! It’s amazing and exciting and absolutely fantastic! 

Until next time,