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My Favorite Book for October: The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Has there ever been a book that reminds you of someone special? 


Before I moved to England I worked in childcare for seven years. Two of them were spent at an on site after school program down the road from my Uni. In the early evenings, the routine for the head teacher and myself would be to gather the remaining kids and have story time before combining to one of the larger rooms and locking up ours. 

I don’t know if it was one of our kids or if it was myself or my head teacher that found The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin, but it made for fantastic October reading. 

Usually I was the one that did the reading aloud, I really enjoyed reading to the kids. For Spookley, my head teacher took the lead, which allowed me to be the peanut gallery. 

It was one of the best moments at work with my head teacher. We grew to be great friends once we moved on from the after school program, and Spookley was one of our fond memories of working together. 

Our kids enjoyed it too. We all cheered at the end for Spookley. Such a heartwarming story. 

When October rolls around, I’m always looking forward to paging through Spookley.