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Switched by Amanda Hocking

Wendy Everly is trying to be a typical teenager. She lives with her aunt and older brother Matt. They travel around due to her inability to stay stationary at school. She tries to be normal, but with a mother in a mental institution for attempting to kill her when she was six, tends to cause some problems. Wendy tries yet again to settle in to a new school, but the ever-watchful Finn makes her uncomfortable.

A natural loner except for her brother, Wendy can’t shake the feelings that Finn brings out when he’s around. He’s hiding something, something that has to do with Wendy. There’s a reason she doesn’t exactly fit in, it turns out her mother isn’t as crazy she appears. Wendy isn’t just a teenager, but in fact is a troll who’s next in line for the throne of her unknown people…

I wanted to like Switched. I love Amanda Hocking’s story – self-published author that lands an enormous book deal. The premise of the story is great too. I loved the idea of making trolls beautiful and that they exist almost anonymously among humans. However, this wasn’t well executed. The troll people are horrendous despite their physical beauty and gifts blessed by nature. What had the potential to be a fresh new spin of folklore doesn’t deliver. They’re mean, they’re materialistic, and they’re not a race I’d take any further interest in learning about. I don’t like them and that causes a problem with the story.

It saddens me that this kind of writing is what people want. Loose plotlines, poorly developed characters and a love story that doesn’t have any heart. Although it’s YA, I expected more. There was so much room to explore this concept. There are two more books in the series and honestly, I think I’m going to leave them. I don’t like letting series go unread, but this was a major disappointment.