Day 2 – 30 Day Book Challenge

To this day I still don’t have any idea how this book fell into my hands. I was in elementary (primary) school when I first read it and if you haven’t, well you surely have heard about Flowers in the Attic. What’s the best part about this book? That fact that it’s the first in a series so there’s countless train wreck action! I will always reread this book and the first collections by V.C. Andrews. They’re my dirty little secrets that I’ve started since I was young and the writing is something you can’t forget. It’s shocking. I probably wasn’t at an ok age to read them, but I certainly would never, EVER let any child I know read these until they’re older. Just because I got away with the drama doesn’t mean I think it’s acceptable for others. Nevertheless I still love this classic horror novel. Here’s to the hushed behind the hands secret of the book world.


Day 1 – 30 Book Challenge

Since I’ve started my Tumblr, I’ve come across a 30 day Book Challenge. I’m interested in trying the challenge out for October, at the end of the month I’ll list everything in full. All of my regularly scheduled content will continue, so be sure to keep checking back! October’s going to be a busy month here on AshleyiSee. Here’s to learning about new books, authors and discovering more worlds to hide in!

I read The Road in three hours from start to finish. Once I got over the awkward annoyance in lack of punctuation I couldn’t stop turning the pages. The language in its simplicity and the darkness of the environment is enough to keep one wondering what’s going to happen. It’s the hope that humanity survives and continues that kept me reading. The Road is a perfect pick me up when life isn’t going well. Think your life is horrible, well at least you’re not living in a post apocalyptic world that McCarthy has created! I loved the book. I wanted more. I wanted to see just how horrible the world could become whilst at the same time wishing to see hope and a rescue. I also loved that it was quick yet the imagery will stay with me forever.