Day 7 – 30 Day Book Challenge

This book was published by MTV originally when I was in middle school. It was a word on the street book. Passed in the halls in between classes my friends and I poured over the words as a written version of our souls. Now, more than ten years down the road it’s finally getting its recognition with a movie coming out! An updated version of The Catcher in the Rye, it’s a book for a new generation. It made me felt infinite and you will too!

Day 6 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Was this the first book that made me cry? No, I don’t think so but it was the first book that I read that didn’t have a happy resolved ending. The loss has stuck with me even as an adult. Is it important as a child to read books that stretch your emotions? Definitely. I don’t dislike books that make me sad but I don’t go to the bookstore or library in search of them. This book is a child’s level tale of life and everyone should read it at least once.

Day 4 – 30 Day Book Challenge

I chose Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone because you can’t have a fantastic series without a spectacular beginning. It set the mark, explaining this new world beautifully and even connecting all seven books together. It isn’t just an introduction book, it’s a book that helped complete the series on a different level. It’s the first chapter that always sticks with me and I’ll never forget about the boy who lived.

Day 3 – 30 Day Book Challenge

I originally wanted to choose one of V.C. Andrews’ series but I had to stick with Harry. I had a crazy 8th grade teacher, Mr. Zenkov (actually I don’t remember how to spell his name), and I’m not kidding around. He was still a child trying to teach children. But the greatest thing he ever did was taking an afternoon and read to us the first couple of chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Were we too young to be read too? Yes, but that first introduction to Harry was moving. We all were captivated by Rowling’s words and although I didn’t actually read the book until later in the year, it was a magical end to the day that I’ll always remember.

I forgot about Harry until the third book came out. Two years is a long time to wait for something you’ll read in two days. After Prisoner of Azkaban was released, the momentum around the books was starting to pick up in the States and I began my summer ritual. I would begin with Sorcerer’s Stone and read up until the newly released book. Every two years I’d begin the process over again. I’d wait a week or two because the new book was released and through the years I called them my ‘Harry Potter Summers’. It was a metaphor for my relationship with Harry, I felt as I had grown up with him. For the weeks leading up until the latest released I called Harry my boyfriend and as soon I had a finished the new book I’d state we’d broken up. However, there was a level of comfort, because I knew two years later another book was come out and I’d get to enjoy another week of being swept away at Hogwarts.

I took it hard when Harry and I broke up for real.

Regardless of the sadness at the ending of series, to this day, every other summer will always be a Harry Potter Summer.

Day 2 – 30 Day Book Challenge

To this day I still don’t have any idea how this book fell into my hands. I was in elementary (primary) school when I first read it and if you haven’t, well you surely have heard about Flowers in the Attic. What’s the best part about this book? That fact that it’s the first in a series so there’s countless train wreck action! I will always reread this book and the first collections by V.C. Andrews. They’re my dirty little secrets that I’ve started since I was young and the writing is something you can’t forget. It’s shocking. I probably wasn’t at an ok age to read them, but I certainly would never, EVER let any child I know read these until they’re older. Just because I got away with the drama doesn’t mean I think it’s acceptable for others. Nevertheless I still love this classic horror novel. Here’s to the hushed behind the hands secret of the book world.