Day 13 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Kat Richardson is fantastic. A local Seattle writer her wonderful Greywalker series covered vampires way before Stephanie Meyer. The series takes place in Seattle and over the years it’s been a comfort reading a well-educated science fiction series within my home. I don’t understand why the series hasn’t been commissioned for a movie or TV series yet. Well written and well researched, Kat Richardson’s writing is the cure for any book slump mood.

Day 12 – 30 Day Book Challenge

I loved anything that had to do with horses growing up. Black Beauty was a beautiful story, but as I grew up the cruelty inflicted upon the horses affected me more and more. Now I don’t think I can read the story again. All I remember is poor Ginger and the lack of understanding that horses are creatures too. When I worked at an after school program my head teacher decided to read this story, one chapter every afternoon, to our kids. I asked if she was sure she wanted to do that, for she hadn’t read the book before. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she read aloud Ginger’s fate. The kid’s faces weren’t much better, but it’s all apart of growing up isn’t it?

Day 11 – 30 Day Book Challenge

The horror, the horror of this book. I’ve read it three times and each reading I loath it slightly more. It’s only 80 pages and still I don’t understand what happens and I get frustrated at the ending each time. What is the point?! (Okay I know the point is finding the doctor, but the ending – ugh, kill me I’m so bored) I can appreciate the literary significance of Conrad’s words, but I have never liked this book. I hate it. My heart is full of darkness when I read this book.  What can I say? It’s just not for me.

Day 10 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen any visual adaptations of Frankenstein that I adored this classic. Can’t say the same about Bram Stoker. I had no idea what was going to happen and was heavily intrigued by the humanity that develops within the monster. I was totally on the monster’s side and loved this gothic horror of skill.

Day 9 – 30 Day Book Challenge

I tried to read the book over a period of years. Once I finished college I was able to make it a focus for a few months. I felt the first book was an enjoyable YA but as the series progressed it become more adult than I expected. For science fiction it didn’t go overboard and I felt welcomed in Lyra’s world. The series didn’t end the way I wanted it too and it’s still surprising I enjoyed it as much as I did.

Day 8 – 30 Day Book Challenge

Just because a book is a bestseller doesn’t mean that it’s good. Although I have met El James, had her sign my copy that was given to me from a friend, there is nothing about these books that thrill me. I’m extra biased because I’m originally from Seattle and it’s obvious that her research was done online. She did finally make the trek out to Seattle last month, and for that I’m proud of her for doing so.

Poor writing and the constant repetition of words and phrases along with incorrect facts told me this book isn’t as great as everyone says it is. And yet, that’s part of its reputation now. People want to still read the books to know how dirty and horrible they are. Seriously folks, it’s not truly worth your reading time.