Book Signing Adventures: Cary Elwes

There was an inconceivable book signing last night!

CE9I did meet him!

The amazing University Bookstore hosted the talented and brilliant Cary Elwes last night! He’s currently on tour for his book, As You Wish, a gathering of behind the scenes stories during the making of ‘The Princess Bride’!

Before Mr. Elwes arrived, University Bookstore had a band come and play fantastical tunes!

CE8Play us a song piano man

The upstairs of the bookstore (where the event was held) was PACKED. I mean it was crazy how many people crammed themselves into the section for a glimpse of Elwes. The look on his face when he saw how many people were there to see him. It was priceless.

CE6Hi Cary!

Oh wait, what truly was priceless was a little boy dressed up as Westley. Yes, that brought a lot of tears to the room. His name was Cole.

CE4 CE5Seriously, the only reason to have kids…

Mr. Elwes was such a delight. He delved into some of the stories written in the book. To hear him speak about Andre the Giant—it was moving, it was magical, it was spectacular. The best part—Elwes did voices! Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, Bill Goldman, Andre the Giant and more! He had the entire room captivated.

CE7In the bookstore window

The hour flew by, Elwes is an amazing storyteller. There was a short Q & A and then came the signing. The room was extremely crowded, but University Bookstore held down the fort and make sure that those who had been there for over two hours (hem, hem) and were sitting in the seating area got their books signed in a front to back row fashion. I love University Bookstore. They know how to handle crowds for high profile signings, which makes sense why they have so many. For patrons, it’s so greatly appreciated to have order and direction. Elwes did gave time to everyone and signed as quick as a whip.

Before I knew it, it was my turn. He was so gracious and kind, he asked my name and shook my hand. A true gentleman that Mr. Elwes.

CE2Have fun stormin’ da castle.

It was such a lovely evening, full of laughter and people gathered over the love of a truly remarkable movie. We all ate up all the secret stories, I can’t wait to tear through the pages of his book. I’m so thankful to Cary Elwes for stopping in Seattle and especially to University Bookstore for hosting. It was an amazing event!

CE1Thank you Cary Elwes!

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