Book Signing Adventures: Christopher Moore

This signing may have been back in April, but it was still an absolutely amazing event!


After I graduate college I came across You Suck and adored Moore’s writing. One of my close friends is a major fan so I offered to join him for this amazing appearance.


Moore was witty, charming and even gave out goodies! (Soxx-long story).

We sat for a good amount of time, 30-45 minutes? It didn’t matter, hearing Moore talk was hilarious, engaging and full of charm.

Then came the signing. That took much longer, and the best part was that my friend discovered that his dad already had meet Moore himself and signed the copy of Lamb he’d nicked from home.


My friend decided to just hand it to Moore to see what he would do. He signed it again. Two perfectly matched signatures, more then ten years apart.

Moore wasn’t supposed to pose for pictures either. He is seriously one cool author.


I finally picked up The Serpent of Venice, I hope to get through it this month. I have so many books to catch up on for my Goodreads challenge and this is going to be one of them!


It was a pleasure to hear Moore speak, and even more to meet him in person. I look forward to his future books and can only hope he’ll return someday to Seattle.



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