US Bookstore Tour: Portland, Oregon Powell’s

This year I was fortunate enough to visit the amazing Powell’s bookstore. The flagship store is based in Portland, Oregon. There are almost no words to describe a visit to this brilliant bookstore. 

These are how their columns are decorated outside of the building. 


Inside it is nothing but pure, almost endless, book heaven. 


One must walk without a direction as to not be overwhelmed. Even the stairs are literary. 


Perhaps the most amazing thing about Powell’s is that used copies are shelved along with the new. Providing endless treasures that can suit all budgets. I, of course fell in love with the YA section. It was to die for. I was also able to find this delightful throwback to my internship with Stripes Publishing. I’m so thrilled they made it to the US! 


There was also a rare book room. I didn’t dare enter. I needed a full time job and a nest egg before having a browse there. To think what treasures lay beyond the door. 


It is easy to get lost or find oneself wandering Powell’s for an undisclosed amount of time. I bought four books myself, two new and two used. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to spend at least 15 minute in this wonderful indie. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Happy reading!


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