Take Part: Quarterly

I saw this interesting company, Quarterly, on Tumblr a few weeks ago. They operate as a subscription service with ‘curators’. Some of them are celebrities – Nina Garcia, Bill Nye and Pharrell Williams, you get the picture. I noticed Book Riot was participating as a curator, but I wasn’t sure if the subscription was either monthly or every three months. Quarterly emailed me why I hadn’t completed my subscription and I gave them some feedback and I got a $10 voucher for a future subscription!

So then I waited. I scouted. I wanted to make sure I used my voucher on something good. 

You see, you don’t know what the curator sends – it’s a surprise! 

I went with Riot Read – Book Riot’s monthly book club.

It’s so pretty!


Remember, it’s a secret book that gets sent out – and my jaw dropped when I ripped open the parcel. 


Seriously? Did I just get Rainbow Rowell’s brand spanking new Landline

I did! Riot Read also sent me a lovely little letter and I can’t wait to get started on the book! I am pleased with my first subscription from Quarterly, but I’m not really interested in something that’s monthly. I’ve cancelled my Riot Read subscription and I decided to upgrade to Book Riot’s every three months subscription. I’ll get a book and some goodies! I basically wanted more. 

I’m just in time too, as Book Riot’s next parcel will be shipping next month – I’ll let you know what I get! Has anyone else tried Quarterly? How have you found their service and what curator did you subscribe too? 


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