Book Signing Adventures: Charlaine Harris

Be still my fluttering, beating heart! Last month I discovered Charlaine Harris was to be coming to Seattle! Yes! It’s true!


On a glance when checking for authors passing through, I paused and then panicked. The Charlaine Harris? Sookie Charlaine Harris

Indeed it was. 


I was not expecting how although small in stature Mrs. Harris is, and she is as powerful, joyful, full of character and wit as her writing. Her accent is adorable. A true southern lady she is. 


She is an absolute delight! She spoke about her new book: Midnight Crossroad, and gave us fans little tidbits about Sookie. Everyone had so many questions and she answered each and asked for more. 

Charlaine Harris is known for so much more than just Sookie – her career in writing has been alive and well for ages. I loved her Sookie Stackhouse novels. It’s hard letting go of a pleasant constant, but I’m so thankful for her continued writing adventures as final I had the chance to meet her! One of the most humble and kindest authors around! 


I’m looking forward though to reading her new series. She has promised one of the Sookie character is to pass through in the next book. 

I can only hope it’s Bubba. 


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