Book Review: Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys

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On the outside, seventeen-year-old Josie Moraine seems to be living the dream. It’s 1950’s, and Josie works as well as lives in the room above the local bookshop in New Orleans exciting French Quarter. Yet behind her strong appearance she hides many secrets.

Her mother is a prostitute, working at the tough as nails Willie Woodley’s establishment on Conti Street where Josie also cleans every morning. When she makes a contact that could get her out of the Big Easy, tragedy strikes. A traveler is found dead and Josie’s mother is a suspect. Josie will have to fight for her dreams and her life during this quest for the truth.

Sepetys has an amazing ways with words. The imagery, the language, the tone of voice of the characters is stunning! I could feel the heat from the New Orleans sun, smell the spices of the gumbo and taste the saltiness of the vivid characters. The past is alive, breathing, swearing, and beating within every page of this book.

Plus there’s no ‘traditional YA’ romance! Hurray! I find the romance bits true and realistic for the time period. This book couldn’t get any better and I was so sad as I rushed to the end! I wanted more! I wasn’t expecting how it ended was how it would go! All of which makes me love the book more and will cause me to throw it into the hands of others that are looking for a well written historical YA that has a streak of mystery and thrill to it! Out of the Easy should not be missed!









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