Book Signing Adventures: Marissa Burt

I meant to write about this wonderful adventure back in January, but oh how work gets in the way sometimes.

Well not today! I’m so happy to share this lovely book signing adventure with you!

Marissa Burt is a fantastic middle-grade author, her books are Storybound (1) and Story’s End (2) and she is also local! I first learned about her books when I lived in England, and sadly I couldn’t get them! Upon my return home they apart of the great haul I had requested from my library.


I adored them. I loved them so much I checked to see if Burt had any upcoming events. I went to her website and checked her events page. I saw she was doing a signing at a Barnes and Noble – but I didn’t see a start time.

So I tweeted her.

She responded that it had been an old event and I was so embarrassed!

However, all was not lost – because of this interaction the lovely Mrs. Burt tweeted me in November to let me know that she was doing a book signing event in December!

I don’t know how to describe the feeling. An author I seriously admired, remembered that I wanted to meet her and reached out to me. 

Of course I went.

It was amazing.


She was so sweet, kind and approachable!

I’ve been making a huge effort this year to go to as many author signings that I can, but this one was unique to all the others. She chatted with me for like almost half an hour! I never expected (or should I say not used too) getting such kind attention from a talented writer.


She took pictures with me (sorry I’m still getting used to my iphone). We shared how we loved reading (and writing) what we wanted children to have access to and was wonderful to just speak to a writer that is passionate about children books!

I have never been more proud to support local and I know I am lucky to live in a state that is full of talented writers.

Thank you Marissa Burt for giving me the opportunity to meet you and speak with you. It was an inspiring opportunity and I’m so grateful for your kindness and encouragement!


To everyone else that reads middle grade fiction, or has children that age range that have a tough time getting into books – please, please, please check out her series. It’s adventurous, page turning and full of inspiring characters that kids need to be exposed too!

Isn’t her dress fantastic? I love it!


2 thoughts on “Book Signing Adventures: Marissa Burt

  1. It was so lovely to meet you Ashley! One of my favorite things about getting to know readers is finding “kindred spirits” among them. There’s nothing quite like the kinship that comes from a shared: “Wait, you liked that book, too?” 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your love of books through your blog.


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