BooksILove: A Beautiful Book Recommendation App for iPhone

HELLO lovelies! 

Where, where, where have I been?

I have much content to bring you! Book signing events, more WA bookstores and reviews of books themselves! So much to discover and share with my dear followers! 

However, I must admit that most of my attention has been on work, but as it’s related I can finally share with you what it’s all about, as it’s now available for iPhone iOS7!


I’m apart of the amazing team behind the BooksILove app!

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 09.57.07

We’ve all had those conversations – Over drinks, when leaving the office, on the bus, out shopping: A friend shares the amazing things about why they love the latest book they’re reading. But then, how do you remember afterwards? A scrap of paper? In a digital note? Was it just the author? Or maybe a bit of the book title? When you finally get the chance to head to the library or bookstore, are you able to remember what the book was? Although the discussion was productive, this spark of life for the book is essentially lost most of the time – BUT NO LONGER!

phone photo

The BooksILove app is all about capturing and sharing recommendations about favorite books on the go! Here’s the press release from one of the founders, Elizabeth Dimarco, her wording is way better than mine:

“Our app allows you to send personal recommendations to friends and remember their favorites, too. Capture why you love a book by simply tapping icons that represent the best elements of the book. Do you love the hero? The plot? With over 75 beautiful icons available, you can pick exactly why you love the book and generate a thoughtful recommendation. Share your opinion with others via email and Facebook. Store your books, personal thoughts, and books recommended by friends, all in one mobile device.”

There is even a video on how the app works! Check it out!


This is only the beginning! 

Important bits:

The app is available NOW for iPhone IT’S FREE! You must have iOS7 

Currently it’s only available for the US and Canada (we’re working on the next steps for other English-speaking countries) 

We want your feedback! Please email us at

Want the social? Follow us on –






Want to send me a recommendation? Email me at!

All photos are courtesy of BooksILove, BFF BIZ, LLC and Ratio.


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