Book Signing Adventures: Peter S. Beagle and The Last Unicorn Tour

This year has been one, tough, year. There have been multiple life changing events that I have been made to shoulder and carry on with. 

However, none of that was thought about last Monday. Last Monday I met my hero, Peter S. Beagle, author most known for The Last Unicorn, a book that was turned into a movie in the 1980’s that has basically shaped my life. 

Mr. Beagle is currently on a two year long book signing, Q & A and viewing of a digitally remastered The Last Unicorn! Find all the info here – yes he’s coming to the UK!

I don’t want to bore you with all the silly stories about how this movie and book shaped my life. The brief of it is that I have been watching it since I was three, and it’s all I would ever watch so we were never allowed to own it on VHS. But man, those times when I could trick a family member to renting were the best weeks ever!

This signing was absolutely spectacular. There were remastered prints to buy, different editions of the book to purchase as well as the freshly published graphic novel released this year. There was also magic handmade unicorns that I played with my friend P that attended with me. 

Plaing with unicorns

There was also a speciality designed jewellery range that I am considering purchasing, the designs are simply spot on!

I was really, really, really excited to be there.

Me excited

Super excited

Especially because me, S and P got there super early and were eighth in the queue! Peter signed for an hour beforehand and I wanted to be apart of the first part of the group, I had been looking forward to this night all year and then some. 

Pat and Peter

S and Peter

He was so gracious and kind. He chatted with S and P and when it was my turn, I asked for a hug (I cried a little) and he smiled and said my hair smelled nice!

Ultimate hug!Crying pic

Peter signing Litograph

Meeting Peter was everything I had hoped it would be and more. He signed my 1st edition of The Last Unicorn and Litograph poster. I thanked him for his time and then we took more pictures of the posters and promotional things around the hosting event – Seattle Cinerama. 

Sarah with PrintUnicorn print 2Unicorn print 1

After that came hunting for a spot for the movie. There was a raffle (we didn’t win anything – boo) and then a lovely Q & A with Peter.

Things that happened during the Q & A:

A couple got engaged

Peter signed a baby

A little girl’s question was, “Did you write The Last Unicorn because you believed in unicorns?”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the theatre – and it had nearly been filled to capacity! 

Then it was time for the movie, and it was stunning to see it on the big screen for the first time. 

Overall it had been one of the most perfect nights. I can’t believe how lucky I was to be there and to have the chance to finally meet my literary hero. His words have taught me so many things and his movie has given me all the strength to keep believing in hope, love and magic. 

I’m so grateful the lawsuit has been finally sorted with the film and Peter’s royalties. He deserves every penny made from the film and because of the lawsuit being resolved, it’s the reason Peter has been able to promote the movie along with his book for this tour. 

Thank you so much to Peter S. Beagle, he is amazing! Many thanks to his publishing partner Connor for heading the tour and many thanks to my friends S and P for joining me on one of the best days of my life. I was very emotional and all over the place with excitement and they stood by me the entire time. I appreciate it so much!


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