Book Review: Sarah with an H by Irwin Hadley

Sarah with an H

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“When the new girl at LaMond High School arrives, Marti is instantly envious. Sarah has everything Marti wants, but is also nice, smart and is a terrific basketball player. Sarah is also Jewish, and soon ugly prejudice becomes evident, not only in school, but in their small Iowa community as well.”

What I See: It’s interesting how this book is almost 20 years old, and its message is still relevant to modern issues. Every child should read this book. Marti isn’t perfect and her character is flawed in a fantastic way. Her emotions are written beautifully, in a natural flow as she learns to sort through her racist feelings amongst getting to know Sarah with an H as a sweet and kind person.

It’s the natural state of growing up, being scared of what you don’t understand, but the lesson Marti learns is one that everyone should learn. This is the substance that young adult needs to be covering, and I wish there are more excellent examples for young readers like this out there!


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